FaZe Clan completes eager Intel Grand Slam

FaZe Intel Grand Slam

The wait is over FaZe Clan took ESL Pro League 17 and became champion of the Intel Grand Slam season 4. The era of FaZe Clan is complete, the Intel Grand Slam it completes after just over a year and FaZe walks away with a big prize. The European team lifted a title again, winning the ESL Pro League 17 with a 3-1 about Cloud9. With this title, FaZe add the four trophies needed in the season and they take the million dollars. FaZe becomes the fourth team to win the Intel Grand Slam, being, like the Majors, the first international team to win a Grand Slam. In this way, the boys FaZe Clan they closed a season 4 where they were clear dominators.

Malta joins the list of lands that have seen FaZe Clan lift a trophy in this fourth season. This time it was an ESL Pro League, precisely the seventeenth edition. FaZe Clan wins the Pro League with an impeccable tour and a final at the highest level against Cloud9. The European team arrived unstoppable and despite the good work of C9, FaZe did not miss the opportunity to achieve the Grand Slam.

FaZe’s Grand Slam journey ends in Malta

without more laps, FaZe Clan seizes the opportunity they carved for themselves and completes Intel Grand Slam 4 in Malta. Almost a year after being champions in Düsseldorf, FaZe raises an ESL Pro League again, which also serves to take one million dollars. The players of the red and black team take the great monetary prize that rewards, worth the redundancy, the team that signs four ESL titles in a window of ten tournaments.

Despite the attempts to thwart the Grand Slam and to increase his run, Cloud9 failed to prevail over a FaZe Clan that shone in mystique. The set guided by Finn Andersen «karrigan» returned to teach that version that swept the beginning of 2022. FaZe Clan was a steamroller formed by four stars and a brain that guides every step. FaZe sealed their victory in ESL Pro League 17 with a 3-1 on Cloud9 and celebrated by lifting the event trophy and Grand Slam gold bars. He MVP of the series ended up in the hands of Robin Kool «ropz«, who shone equally on all maps to get the third ESL Pro League trophy in your personal account, being the MVP of the three editions.

Twistzz and a ace to make history in CS:GO

We took the spotlight off FaZe as a team a bit to just focus in a person who made history. Russell van Dulkentwistzz» became the first player in CS:GO history to sign two Intel Grand Slams. The 23-year-old Canadian player is the only person to win the Grand Slam twice, his first time being the one with Team Liquid in season 2 and now with FaZe Clan.

Twistzz’s Ace to leave the victory on a platter for FaZe Clan and thus achieve the Pro League and the Grand Slam

In addition to being part of the team, twistzz he was vital in the series, especially on the last map. The Canadian star took a key step to close the series with a ace at the A bomb in Ancient that put FaZe Clan on champion point Pro League and Grand Slam.

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