Fans think they know the origin of Diablo 4’s Bloody Wolf

The players of the open beta of devil 4 are theorizing about the identity of the strange and mysterious Bloody Wolf which is seen throughout the first act of the game.

Diablo 4 betas do not give access to the full game, but include all of Act 1 of the story. Players are introduced to various characters such as the demon Lilith, the angel Inarius, and all sorts of weird NPCs in Diablo 4. But it’s the Bloody Wolf, who can be malevolent or helpful, that has some players raising an eyebrow.

The Bloody Wolf is one of the first characters introduced in Diablo 4. As shown in Diablo 4’s opening cinematic, released as a trailer some time ago, the player is traveling through the desert when his horse gets scared and dies in the dark. .

It is implied that the player is being stalked by the Bloody Wolf, who appears in a vision when the player huddles in a cave for the night. The Bloody Wolf later claims that he saved the player, and helps him on his adventure in a very strange way.

Players are convinced that there is more to the Bloody Wolf than meets the eye, and likely is or is related to a character from the Diablo franchise’s past. But one of the clues has led to one theory rising above all others.

The Bloody Wolf wears a strange rune on his head. She is never mentioned or talked about in the game, but players think they know where she came from. In the Book of Adria, a Diablo bestiary published in 2018, the same rune appears associated with Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred. Mephisto is also the father of Lilith, the main antagonist of Diablo 4.

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