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Online games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the internet. With an audience of thousands of players around the world, online meetings that involve the interaction of people in scenarios beyond reality, which invite competition, are attractive to invest free time.

Games like ‘League of Legends’, ‘Valorant’ or ‘Fortnite’ are clear examples of the level of detail, complexity and development that online entertainment alternatives can achieve in order to amass a large community of followers, who are determined to in progressing in the game world in order to become rivals worthy of challenging each other. Also read: GPT-4: The new features of the latest version of ChatGPT

Recently, one of the most famous online competitive games on the internet, ‘Counter Strike’, announced the upcoming release of its latest and improved version, ‘Counter Strike 2’. Find out the details below:

A game improvement

After more than 10 years have passed since the launch of the first version of the game, the video game developer ‘Valve Corporation’ finally announced the release of the new installment of its popular first-person shooter.

The material related to the game began circulating on the internet since March 22, 2023, most of the samples being a series of videos that show the great improvements that have been implemented in the most recent version. Also read: Magic: AI comes to Canva with new tools

Some of the improvements implemented that have been well received by fans are:

map work

– Slight improvements have been made to classic maps that essentially stay the same because they work perfectly.

– The ‘Source 2’ engine, used for the development and operation of the game, improves lighting thanks to its sophisticated physics-based rendering system, facilitating the generation of more realistic lights, brightness and reflections.

A great advance was implemented based on the online competitive mechanics, this being the increase in precision in the game’s response to the player’s keystrokes. ‘Valve’ will stop evaluating the movements and shots at specific time intervals or ‘ticks’, being changed by the measurement through updates of ‘subtics’, with which the server will better receive the data of the moments in which they are carried out concrete actions, such as shooting. Also read: Video: create a device to kiss your partner in the distance

Distraction Enhancements

The ‘Source 2’ engine will allow the smoke from grenades to reach a more dynamic level, creating a 3D volumetric rendering that will maintain a consistent look from different vantage points. Likewise, the detail of the smoke, beyond the aesthetic, will react to stimuli such as lighting, the impact of projectiles or changes in density and size while it expands and dissipates.

‘Counter Strike 2’ has a release date scheduled for the summer of 2023, without contemplating a specific day so far. In addition, some privileged players have been able to test the game through a limited access trial since the day of the official announcement.

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