Counter Strike 2 is already a reality: everything that is known about Valve’s new proposal

Counter Strike 2 is already a reality.

The world of gaming has been revolutionized in recent days by news that was already an open secret, but that a large part of the community was waiting for: the launch of a new version of the counterstrike. There was a lot of expectation regarding this and it is logical, because CS is one of the most important esports and because global offensive had seen the light 10 years ago. Luckily the news didn’t take long and there are already videos with the updates and even a beta that many were able to try, with changes that promise to further enrich a historic game.

It must be taken into account that CSGO It already has a decade of life, and it remained among the top most popular titles despite the passage of time and competitors that emerged such as VALORANT. In fact, at the beginning of 2023, it registered a peak that was close to one million two hundred thousand players. This Wednesday Valvethe developer company of Counterchanged the photo on its cover on Twitter, announcing the new name of the game, which will be renamed counter strike 2plus a series of videos in which they practically made official the rumors about an important update in the game, with three modifications that are key to generating a different experience.

The most noticeable change in the game at first glance has to do with the graphic improvement. As for the maps, Valve He said that they gave him three approaches so that players can adapt to the modifications: Touchstone, Upgrades and Overhauls. In the first, they are the classics with slight modifications in light and textures so that the experience feels renewed, but that practically does not influence the gameplay. In the second there are scenarios that use the new lighting of the graphic engine Source 2, and include a rendering system for physics that produce lights and reflections in metals or liquids. In the third are old maps but fully recreated, taking full advantage of the new graphics and rendering features. They also warned that the new textures will be available to the map creators of the community, so that they have more tools when designing.

The differences between the textures and lighting on the Nuke Map, between CS:GO and CS2.

Another of the most important modifications has to do with smoke grenades, one of the key utilities when it comes to tactically approaching the game. Their objective is to block the vision of the adversary so that they cannot obtain information from our team, and with the new update the physics of the smoke will behave very differently than they had been doing. The new engine makes them more dynamic and you can interact with them in a different way: now when they explode they create 3D objects that seem to have life, since they somehow manage to interact with the environment and expand more naturally. So it can occupy a whole space in particular, and it changes when it is pierced by shots. It is illuminated by the lights of the explosions, and the bullets or the deto manage to disperse the smoke for a few moments, revealing what is on the other side. This was one of the points that those who were already able to try it highlighted the most, and it is surely one of the axes that will be most taken into account when thinking about new strategies.

So far everything is very nice, but the main upgrade is not visible on the screen, but rather felt on the mouse. Because the relationship between the player’s click and the character’s shot is the most important point in any shooter. It turns out that in previous versions there were milliseconds between these two actions, and although they may seem imperceptible to the naked eye, they can make a lot of difference, especially in competitive games. Now in counter strike 2 that barrier would be erased, causing the weapon to fire at the exact moment the mouse button is touched. The same would happen when launching the utilities, since the server will be able to calculate with greater accuracy all the movements of the players.

There are also modifications to the sound effects, which were redesigned to be more precise, to the interface, which was revamped to add visual effects to the HUD, and to the behavior of projectiles and even blood when a bullet hits a target. player.

Since its announcement, several of the lucky ones have opened the game and found a new start menu, with the updated logo, and they were able to test a beta with the new changes. While it’s not the final version, and there are likely other tweaks and bug fixes that might come along, this does bring up the fact that the Source 2 it is already a reality. Among other things that the testers found, a new animation that shows your team before starting the games stands out, the possibility that each player can see their feet (which may seem something super basic, but that in the CS:GO you couldn’t and it was quite surprising), now there are shadows of each character, which adds, not only more realism, but also new strategic possibilities, and there is also a new camera in warm-up mode to be able to see where the profits will fall and thus practice different lineups. At the moment, only the Dust II map is available in the beta, but it is most likely that other scenarios will be added as the days go by.

Overpass map changes.

Various personalities spoke about this great change, such as the Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr, who is recognized as a gamer in the community, and expressed himself on his Twitter account asking for the beta: “Send me the CS, @counterstrike. I never asked you for anything”, plus a laughing emoji. The truth is that the striker, Messi’s teammate at PSG, suffered a ligament injury in his right ankle a few weeks ago and will have four months to recover; an ideal time to test the update of the new Counter.

The first to have the new game and be able to transmit it was smooya, the former British player turned content creator, who managed to gather more than 180,000 viewers on his Twitch channel by testing it. Then different personalities joined, and reactions from some of the most important players in the world went viral, such as FaZe Clan players, or the Ukrainian S1mple, star of NAVI who was shown the changes in the official broadcast of the ESL Pro League. 17 after his game against Outsiders.

What we could see in the game is just the tip of the iceberg of what will be the counter strike 2. It is undoubtedly a historic event for the world of gaming, and so far it has left a good feeling in the community. The franchise is already 20 years old and half of that life was invested in the global offensive, the most recent and successful installment of the saga, however it was time for a breath of fresh air for all players, even if it is not a new game. To play the final version we will have to wait until June of this year, in the meantime there is a good time to warm up the engines and calibrate the scope because the update promises to come with everything. The one in Paris is the last CS:GO Major, the next will be in March 2024 and the first for Counter-Strike 2.

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