Chapter 7 at 100% in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Chapter 6 has brought us to the end of the exploration of the Town of Resident Evil 4 Remake. Leon and Ashley have arrived at the Castle, the second area of ​​the game and where the seventh chapter begins. Advance to the Peddlerwhat’s wrong with it new weapons and items. make sure of trade your rifle for the stingrayin addition to acquiring the treasure map Castle and, if you want to take a really powerful weapon for emergencies, the broken butterfly. Before continuing, circle the room to the south to find a chest with an Ancient Compass.

He advances along the only possible path and, upon reaching the small Chapelyou will deal with a cattle with a gigantic plague, stronger and more resistant than the ones you have seen so far. Take out your shotgun and blow it up before it gets close.

Follow the only path possible and you will come to a Wall where, after a sequence, some enemies will attack you from a distance. This looks like a job for your brand new Stingray, which with a scope will be able to take a good account of the bloody crossbowmen.

After taking out the first two, going up, there will be more, so cover to the left and try to finish them off with accurate headshots. A little later you will see how motherfuckers use catapults. technically you can shoot the barrel next to the catapult At the top of the wall, directly in front of you. run to north and go up the stairs to the east. Once up, run through the bridge to the west and then to south. You can drop into the cannon tower. Look for the metallic counterweight on one side and interact with it to raise the weapon.

From there you can go to west and get to the northwest corner of the area, from where you can shoot a red barrel between the battlements of the tower in front of you. This will make one of the catapults disappears. If you look at the right you will see the other twoyou can find two red barrels for

If you continue to northwest corner from your position, you will find a chest containing an Elegant Bracelet. You can shoot him if you want blue medallion next to it, although we are going to wait until the area is clear. Open the door next to you and continue east. Now the goal is get to the canyon. Since you’ve got the catapults out of the way, it won’t be difficult.

When you reach it, make sure that you kill 1 enemy with the cannon for the corresponding challenge, and then aim the artillery piece at the gate on the right. Blow it to pieces and you can continue.

Before continuing, it’s time to load the blue medallions in the area. You can use our guide if you want, and then follow the this to advance to the next area. You will find the Peddler and, after advancing a bit, you will see a cinematic. When you finish you must defeat new enemies. those of the shield protect wellbut you can destroy the shield with shots, go through it with the rifle and shoot them a foot.

Take a look around the area. There are a couple of vases with objects, a closed drawer on the north wall, three closed corners and a hole for Ashley in the northeast corner. Get him through there and I’ll open the door for you. Goes through behind the ladder to reach the southeast corner of the room, where you will find a chest containing a Perfume Bottle. Don’t forget to break the vases on furniture, there are more objects in them. Now go north, cross the crack and look at the left. Hanging above you is a lantern containing a Rub.

Keep going until one dungeonwhere there is a closed door and another locked one, so you can only go one way until the dungeon key. When you come back, you will see a sequence. This enemy is a clawingand he is totally blind. Avoid running and, returning when you reach the central zone, crouch and avoid the chains that hang of the roof. If you touch them, they will make noise and the bug will detect you, but if not, you can stab him in the back.

Technically it is possible to kill him like thisfor sure, but it is quite possible that you will be break the knife first. Ideally, you should shoot him in the parasite, which comes out when you stab him, to maximize the damage. It may not track you after this, but just in case, shoot the most powerful you have. Leave a jewel when it falls (does not count as part of the treasures of the area), collect it and the resources in the room, open the door with the crank and go back upstairs.

Now you can open the locked door and get to some kind of storage room. Go forward and you will find a couple of objects. Also, when you get to the Spinel on the east side, look west and you’ll see Mechanical Castellan #07 on a shelf.

In the next room, collect from the wall reliefs three swords (of gold, iron and rusty) and look at the this. There is a grate with three symbols on it and, to its left, a rope to pull to make them appear. several gongs behind bars and one on the rope from which you have thrown You must shoot the gongs with the symbol of closing the gate. This will allow you to take the bloody sword.

Now you have to place the four swords in the correct relief. From left to right, they are iron, gold, bloody and rusty.

Go ahead and pick up the Gold Bracelet in the next hallway, before heading back to the room. courtroom, but on the first floor instead of the ground floor. In the northeast corner you will see a door with symbols and a string next to it, like the one at the treasury gate. By activating it, you will light the gongs, and you must shoot them both with the grid symbols to open it.

before anything go down the stairs on the west sideand then you can use the lamps to pass to the other side and locate the gongs. If you have problems with them, the ones you look for are the one next to you. fence side in the northeast corner in the southeast corner. Don’t go out the east door. Using the lamps, go to the corner southwest of the first floor to drop you to the ground floor. you will be in one of the closed areas of the Courtroom and you can open the chest with a Golden Hourglass.

Now yes, go to is on the top floor. Open the gate and go down the stairs. There is a safe room downstairs, and you can unlock the door to the west, but to move forward, go east. In it hall of waterstart by blowing the head off the guy in the background, who is carrying a crossbow.

Go on a bit and enemies will appear. You must eliminate them quickly, before they pose a threat to Ashley. Remember that the Stinger pierces through shields and enemies, you can hit several at once if they are in line. If for whatever it is it costs you a lot, you can go back where you came from, opening the gate. Enemies will come at you, but they won’t be able to come from multiple directions. With the area secured, collect resources and go to the northeast. Going down the stairs, you can take out the Stingray and shoot the enemies before going down.

You won’t be able to kill them all, but get enough to make the area much safer. Go downstairs and finish the job, then pick up the golden wheel of the statue on the east side. Start by using it south side mechanism from this lower area to go down a staircase. Be careful because there will be new enemies going up, including three armed with crossbows. After clearing the area, use the wheel on the central mechanism.

When you get to the last area, activate the wheel at the bottom and make Ashley climbed up the sides. You must protect her (and Leon himself) while she activates the other two wheels, in order to cross. remember there is two wheels on each sideso you have to do it twice before you can cross.

When crossing you will come out to a patio where you must make Ashley climbed up the north wall. to open the door for you. Continue a little longer and you will move on to Chapter 8.

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