Brawl Stars: the best brawlers for the Championship Challenge

We are facing an intense weekend in brawl starsbecause while we are going to be able to enjoy the Monthly Finals of March, getting multiple rewards in them as always, we have a April Championship Challenge which comes before this last weekend of the month.

And all this on a day as special as the premiere of john wick 4and which in fact commemorates his own brawl stars to welcome you to this Championship Challenge. A challenge to 15 victories that is extremely demanding, as always, and that forces us not only to choose the best brawlersif not to play with friends or clubmates, and yes it is with external communication tools like Discord, so much the better.

The best brawlers for the April Championship Challenge

This advance implies two things. The first one we were going to take into account as it is the appearance of some (although few) indestructible walls to take into account. And the second and more especially, the presence of a RT that is still very strong for those who already have experience with the new chromatic of brawl stars.

  • Brawl Ball – Field Goal: RT, Sam and Nita
    • An ideal map to abuse the short and medium range. If we don’t have RT, Buster either Ash They are fantastic alternatives. As well as brawlers that can break like Tareas well as Frank in addition to abusing as a tank.
  • Atrapagemas – Fort of gems: Janet, Otis and RT
    • The new chromatic is once again very present, since the grass area and those unbreakable walls are luxurious. Again Ash either Buster they are the alternative. Being able to count on the deterrent element of Pink from the bushes or the always annoying Mr.P.
  • Knockout – Flaming Phoenix: Griff, Grom and Bonnie
    • Here we can count on something different, although of course RT works great too. A land where gray You can also abuse the cute, as well as Gus either Genius and his infinite pokeo.
  • Restricted Zone – Division: Bibi, Nita and Dynamike
    • Much turns the tables on a map as special as Division. And where the strategies of each one will set the pace, for example, with the aggressive entry of Carl or the infinite sustain of Pinkas well as Rich to control an area and that few can throw you out of there.
  • Starfighter – Bloody Drought: Tick, Belle, Leon
    • The logical thing to do would be to think of people of great rank, and if you’re a main Piper, don’t even think about it. But the truth is that statistically other hybrid strategies work better, such as the entry of griffin either Mr.Pin addition to Fang either gray.

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