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These are all the details you need to know about the Sorceress class in Diablo 4. Find out what are its attributes, its best abilities, builds, tips to play and much more.

The Sorceress is one of the 5 playable classes that are available to start a new game in devil 4. Next, in this entry of our guide you will be able to know All the details of this class in depth; from its attributes, tips to playwhat are their best abilities, recommended builds and more.

How to play with the Sorceress? Helpful Tips

The Sorceress class is a character focusing on magic and ranged attack who can use elemental skills with man to crush large groups of enemies. It can cause damage to frostbite, electrocution and burn and is also capable of trapping enemies and controlling battles from multiple fronts.

Wizards also possess a range of very strong defensive abilities, making them deceptively difficult to defeat if mastered, and therefore have a playable depth remarkable. Of course, they require good positioning and know how to counteract his low life and his cooldowns of powers.

Sorceress Perks

  • Ideal for control crowdsis the best class in the game for this purpose.
  • many of his skills deal damage in wide areas (AoE) to get rid of areas full of enemies fast.
  • Good DPS versatility and skills that promote mobility to generate many possible strategies.

Sorceress Debuffs

  • hand dependency to be able to use their abilities, so you have to play tactically.
  • It is not a class that is overly focused on team play and may depend on others.
  • Not focused on melee and it is not recommended to use it for this purpose.

Sorceress Attributes

  • Combat style: ranged attack
  • Resource: man
  • Force: 7
  • Skill: 7 (Critical Chance +0.02% per point)
  • Intelligence: 10 (Ability Damage +0.1% per point)
  • Willpower: 8 (resource generation +0.1% per point)

When you play as Sorceress you are interested in especially prioritize the Intelligence attribute, since with this is the one with which your abilities directly produce damage. To this it is followed by the Dexterity and Willpower stats.because you will need a lot of resource generation and increased crit chance to be really powerful in using non-basic abilities.

Sorceress Skills

These are the Main Abilities available for the Sorceress in Diablo 4:

basic skills

  • electric arc: Create an electrical arc that damages enemies in front of you. Every few hits you stun all enemies hit for several seconds.
  • fire discharge: You unleash a fiery bolt that deals damage and burns for several seconds.
  • Frost Discharge: You hurl a bolt of frost at an enemy, dealing damage and chilling them.
  • Spark: Cast a bolt of lightning that strikes an enemy multiple times, dealing damage each time.

Basic skills

  • Incinerate: Channels a bolt of fire that burns enemies. Damage increases per second.
  • Ball of fire: Launches an explosive fireball, dealing damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Frozen Orb: releases an orb that chills enemies and ejects piercing shards that deal full damage over a certain percentage. Upon expiration, the orb explodes, dealing damage and chilling enemies.
  • Ice Shards: throws multiple shards that each deal damage. Deals increased damage to frozen enemies.
  • lightning chain: Releases a stream of lightning that deals damage and chains between nearby enemies and t multiple times, prioritizing enemies.
  • Power discharge: releases multiple bolts that streak across the ground in an erratic pattern, each dealing damage.

defensive skills

  • Flame Shield: Engulf yourself in flames for several seconds, burning nearby enemies per second. While it is active, you are immune.
  • Teleportation: Transform into a lightning bolt, become Unstoppable, and dash towards the target location to deal damage around you on arrival.
  • Ice Armor: An armor of ice forms around you for several seconds, absorbing a certain percentage of your base health as damage. While active, 10% of your cold damage dealt is added to your armor.
  • Frost Nova: Releases a torrent of frost that freezes enemies around you for several seconds.

class skills

  • Hydra: Summons a multi-headed hydra for a few seconds. Each head spits fire at a nearby enemy, dealing damage.
  • Ice Sheets: Conjures blades of ice for several seconds that quickly slice through enemies and have a chance to make them vulnerable for several seconds.
  • Lightning Lance: Conjures a lance of crackling lightning that seeks out enemies for several seconds, dealing damage per hit.

mastery skills

  • Blizzard: Summons a freezing blizzard that continuously deals damage and chills enemies for several seconds.
  • Meteorite: Summons a meteor that strikes the target location, dealing damage and burning the ground for several seconds.
  • Wall of fire: Creates a wall of flame that burns enemies to a certain percentage for several seconds.
  • lightning ball: Conjures up a slowly advancing ball of lightning, continually striking enemies.

ultimate skills

  • Total freezing: Enshroud yourself in ice, becoming immune for several seconds and continuously chilling enemies. When it ends, frozen enemies break. Recasting the ability ends the effect prematurely.
  • hell: ignites a roaring inferno that rushes in and out of the target area, burning enemies for several seconds, then explodes, dealing damage to enemies at the outer edge.
  • Unstable currents: lightning surges within you for several seconds. Each time you cast a lightning ability, another random non-basic lightning ability is also cast.

ultimate passive skills

  • Avalanche: your frost abilities have a certain chance that the next casts of Ice Shards, Frozen Orb, or Blizzard will consume no mana and deal more damage. Chance is doubled against vulnerable enemies.
  • Unbreak: After the freeze expires, enemies explode, dealing a certain percentage of the damage you dealt to them while frozen.
  • overflowing energy: hit one or more additional enemies. Each time you hit an enemy, the cooldowns of your Shock abilities are reduced by several seconds (increased against Elites).
  • Vyr’s Domain: nearby enemies take more damage from your shock abilities and deal less damage to you.
  • Esu’s ferocity: Your critical hit damage is increased against enemies with more than a certain percentage of health. Your fire critical chance is increased against enemies below a certain health. Killing an enemy with a crit grants both bonuses for several seconds.
  • Combustion: a certain chance to deal more burn damage for each unique source of burn you have applied to the enemy. If you have active burns from more sources, the bonus is doubled.

best builds

Here below we recommend some of best builds by skills for the Sorceress class in Diablo 4:

Build – Fireball Sorceress

This build of Fireball Sorceress is based on building the character around fire skillsthe effects of burning and the passive damage over time. It is a build that allows a lot of versatility and you can create it with the following abilities:

  • Basic Skill – Fire Bolt
  • Fundamental Ability – Fireball
  • Defensive Ability – Flame Shield
  • Class Skill – Hydra
  • Mastery Skill – Meteorite
  • Ultimate Ability – Inferno

Build – Lightning Sorceress

This build of Lightning Sorceress it focuses on the damage in area, stuns, and critical strike chance. It is a very popular build for this character and also one of the most damagingand you can build it with the following abilities:

  • Basic Skill – Spark
  • Fundamental Skill – Chain Lightning
  • Defensive Ability – Teleport
  • Class Skill – Lightning Launcher
  • Mastery Skill – Ball Lightning
  • Ultimate Ability – Unstable Currents

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