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Throughout Resident Evil 4 Remake you will have to solve a lots of puzzles and puzzles. They are largely mandatory, but there are a couple that are optional. So that you do not have problems, in this section we will give you all solutions and what you must do to find them.

Keep in mind that the Hardcore difficulty has different solutions for some of his puzzles.

Hex Emblem Puzzle

This puzzle takes place in Chapter 2, in the abandoned factoryafter getting the Hexagonal emblem in the Valley. You will have to use the key item on the hexagon shaped space To advance.

To solve the puzzle and be able to continue, what you must do is get the hawk that looks at you to be “in mirror” to the one at the door. That is, the tips of the wings point up and the beak to the right.

Now all you have to do is flip it horizontally to fit it into the hole and open the door. This allows you continue with the plot.

Closing with combination of the House of the mayor

You will come across this puzzle during Chapter 2, in the mayor’s house. It is a closet in the southeast corner of ground floor.

you will find the solution in the book in the hallway upstairs.To solve the puzzle you must turn the dials until the symbols are the ears, the pig and the baby, and then press the confirm button. The solution is the same in Hardcore.

When the cabinet opens you will be able to take a piece of crystallized marblewhich is used in the next puzzle.

Door puzzle with round hole

This puzzle is in Chapter 2, just after the previous one, in the mayor’s house, upstairs. You have to use the Crystallized Marble in the door with round hole.

Your goal is to twist and rotate the sphere until form the symbol of the town, the solution can be seen under these lines. Given the the game remembers where you left the spherewe cannot give you the exact solution, because it will depend on how much you have moved with respect to the initial position.

The door will open and you can examine the room.

Cave Altar Puzzle

This puzzle will appear in Chapter 4 in the area of ​​the cave altar.

To solve it, you have to press the buttons that match the symbols painted by the cave:

  • Right top button.
  • Left top button.
  • Bottom button.
  • The solution is the same in Hardcore.

you will get one of the lake altar heads.

Cavern Altar Puzzle

This puzzle is identical to the previousand you will find it in the northeast corner from the lake.

As with the other, you must look for the graffiti solutions from the cave:

  • Bottom left button.
  • Bottom right button.
  • Left button.
  • The solution is the same in Hardcore.

you will get one of the lake altar heads.

Stone Pedestal Puzzle

This optional puzzle is located in the southwestern shore of the lake.

The first thing you should do is locate the 3 hexagonal pieces:

  • Hexagonal piece A: in the area of ​​the Buhonero de la Cantera.
  • Hexagonal piece B: in the northwest part of the Fish Farm.
  • Hexagonal piece C: in the Altar of the Cavern, next to the ladder where the head is, in a briefcase.

When you have them, go back to the altar, place the plates and look at the following image:

you will see that You can only move the tiles in blocks of three.: the top (1), the bottom left (2) and the bottom right (3). should suffice move 2 and 1 to complete the puzzle and get the depraved idol treasure.

Church pulpit puzzle

You will have to solve this puzzle in Chapter 4. The first thing you must do is activate the lever next to the altar to activate the puzzle.

Now take the blue dial from the south corner of the ground floor and put it in the pulpit. Since it is about a puzzle to turn with precisionWe cannot give you exact instructions. You will have to go turning until form the symbol of the Illuminati. The only one advice we can give you the thing is turn looking at the central part: each color will fit into a border of the symbol, making things easier.

This will allow you go up to the first floor and continue with the story.

Treasure Room Puzzle

you will find the treasure room puzzle during Chapter 7, and you must solve it in order to advance.

The puzzle is divided into two parts. In the first, you must look at the grate to this. You will see that at the door there is three symbols.

What you should do is pull the strings of the gongs or shoot (when you cannot reach the gong) of those that match the symbols on the doors. When the door opens, you can take the bloody swordwhich is used in the second part of the puzzle. Of the south wallcollect from the wall reliefs three swords (of gold, iron and rusty). Now you must place four in order: from left to right are iron, gold, bloody and rusty.

This will open the door and you can continue. The solution is the same in Hardcore.

Courtroom Puzzle

This puzzle is just after the previousalso in it during Chapter 7.

Again, you will see a grid, this time with two symbols. They should be the fish and the snake. You have a gong next to each of the gates (jump through the chandelier to get to the other side), just pull the two ropes to open the front door and continue. In Hardcore mode are in different places: One of the gongs will be in the northeast corner, and the other in the western part of the central area of ​​the south balcony.

Bookbinding workshop puzzle

You will find this puzzle in Chapter 8, and you must solve it in order to continue. You will find him when you arrive at the binding workshop.

The first thing you should do is take the three stone lithographs which are in the corners of the room, and then interact with the northwest door. Can interchange and rotate the lithographs so that the figure, border and color. The solution is the following:

  • Orange shield surrounded by a square above.
  • Orange helmet surrounded by a hexagon on the left.
  • Blue sword surrounded by a square on the right.
  • Blue armor surrounded by a hex below.
  • The solution is the same in Hardcore.

Grandfather Clock Puzzle

You will find the Grandfather Clock puzzle in Chapter 9. You can find it in two different points depending on how you progress with Ashley, but you will find him obligatorily. The only thing you should do is set the time to 11:08. In Hardcore the time is 7:00.

Keep in mind that it is possible to have to do the puzzle 2 times, but in both the answer will be the same. The solution is in a note from the top of the Librarywhere you get to using one of the keys in the elevator door on the ground floor.

Mausoleum gongs puzzle

You will find this puzzle in Chapter 9, when you go down the elevator to the Mausoleum. As with the other gongs, you should look at the door to see the symbols that you must activate to open the door.

In this case you must activate all the gongsand there is two on each wall. You have to run and activate them. After doing so you can move forward. The solution is the same in Hardcore.

lanterns puzzle

You will find this puzzle in Chapter 9, right at the end of the Mausoleum.

In this puzzle you have to do match the jewel on the lantern with the symbol on the wall which is in front Dars with the solution in the same way in Hardcore.

Dissections Power Console Puzzle

you will find several of these puzzles in the final phase of the game. The first to be in the dissection area of Chapter 13. In all of these puzzles, the goal is for the power icon shop one line that reaches all the lightning bolt icons, rotating each piece and then pressing the center button. The first solution is the one you see below these lines.

The hardcore solution is the next:

Freezer Power Console Puzzle

This optional puzzle is in the area of Freezer (where you improve the key card) of Chapter 13. It is solved the same as the previous one, and the solution is under these lines. Inside the freezer is the LE 5.

Debris Energy Console Puzzle

The third console puzzle it is mandatory and takes place during Chapter 14, upon reaching the waste area, where is the sewer. You have the solution under these lines.

The hardcore solution is different:

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