Xokas confirmed in Permadeaz Chapter 2- Full Esports

The Easter holidays are approaching and with them the beginning of one of the series that we are most looking forward to in 2023. Silithur continues to confirm participants on Twitter and we already know that Xokas will be one of the participants of PermadeaZ chapter 2, and it is not the only one.

Xokas will participate in PermadeaZ Chapter 2

We have already told you the first confirmations of participants for the new Silithur series. And it is that the streamer seems determined to give us the details with a dropper. The last confirmed ones have come out in the last two days in batches of four players. On the one hand Paracetamor, Kenai V Souza, FrigoAdri and Pochiipoom. Of the four streamers only paracetamor He has previous experience in the series. Although we do not know how it will be given to Kenai V. Souzabut without a doubt he will carry out a fierce participation as he demonstrated in the Squid Craft Games 2. For his part FrigoAdri He will have to abandon the kindness of Pokémon to immerse himself in this series in which he will not find Pokémon centers to help him survive. TO pochiipoom on the other hand we consider him a born survivor after so much time giving League of Legends.

Confirmation tweet from Silithur.

In the second so many confirmations we find Xokas, Ronie, Nashha and Fahhkies. From these confirmations, only Xokas participated in PermadeaZ Chapter 1, starring in a tryharded together with Maximus of which we are accustomed. The end of him in the first chapter left us images to remember as Rubius and Maximus crying before seeing him turn into a zombie (although they kept him as a pet). For their part, the rest of those summoned were not in the first edition, but without a doubt nashha he has proven his survivability in his games of Sons of the Forest with Caliebre.

The beginning of the series is getting closer and we are looking forward to knowing the lore of the new edition and above all, who will survive to the end?

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