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What for many could be just entertainment, both WIPR and the producers of the new program ‘Puerto Rico Esports League’, which starts next Monday at 4pm, is a highly creative opportunity to educate and raise awareness about the potential of esports. The foregoing, in terms of the development of skills, abilities and competencies for life, employability and entrepreneurship among students and professional communities.

As everyone knows, the electronic sports industry has been growing, locally and globally, reaching multimillion-dollar revenue figures and representing great opportunities for job creation in various disciplines.

‘Puerto Rico Esports League’, the first program of its kind produced entirely on the Island.

“The ways of educating our young people are diverse and they have to be dynamic and creative, in tune with the times and offering alternatives to conventional job opportunities. For this reason, we saw in the ‘Puerto Rico Esports League’ program the relevance of opening up diverse ideas on how to enter the world of work in a practical and positive way for everyone,” said Eric Delgado, president of WIPR.

‘Puerto Rico Esports League’ begins next Monday at four in the afternoon.

In this way, and creating an avant-garde vision of integrating the development of ‘Esports’ with WIPR’s commitment as drivers of innovation and supporting initiatives that promote this sport, we present ‘Puerto Rico Esports League’ the first program of its kind produced entirely on the Island.

‘Puerto Rico Esports League’ It is animated by Alex Ruiz as the main conductor, and co-animated by a variety of personalities such as Jonathan Rodríguez and Nino Verdi, among others. The dynamics of the space also has a touch of popular culture and the participation of the Esports/Gaming community of the Island. The program is produced by Dwight Santana, founder of the Puerto Rico Esports League.

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