the new game where you sleep to win

After the success that was Pokémon Go and after several years of delays, The Pokemon Company announced the arrival of a new video game for the series: Pokémon Sleep. In a video posted on social media on February 27, the brand that brought Pikachu to life showed its fans what’s next for the franchise.

Contrary to the dynamics of Pokémon Go, this game gives its users the opportunity to interact with Pokémon based on their dream. Once the application is downloaded to the mobile device, the player must select the time they intend to get up the next day and leave the cell phone near their pillow.

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The application is responsible for monitoring the sleep of each user. To determine how deep this is, he categorizes it between “dozing”, “snoozing” and “slumbering”. (snoozing, snoozing deeper, and sleeping, respectively). Depending on the result, different creatures will come closer in the game and will be visible on the screen.

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As The Pokémon Company explained, the game will take place on a small island where Professor Neroli, a researcher dedicated to studying creatures, analyzes the sleeping habits of a Snorlax and the other Pokémon that live there. As more Pokémon are discovered, they will sleep next to Snorlax.

To add more excitement to the game, the developers explain that the user can discover additional dream types that can be unique for each Pokémon. In addition, whoever wishes can play with Pokémon GO Plus+, an additional device that unlocks new possibilities to interact with the game and Pikachu.

Fans of the franchise will be waiting for the launch of the new videojudego. This because of the Covid-19 pandemic delayed its launch after it was originally announced in mid-2019.


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