The best paddle balls to play at any level, for less than six euros

In the duration of a paddle ball Various factors influence it, such as the hitting style of each player —the more aggressive, the greater the wear—, the weather or the state of the track. However, the normal thing is that its useful life is of between three and five gamessince the rebound will be less and slower as its use increases.

The latter is good for beginner players or those who prefer a lower rhythm; but if what you are looking for is a increased speed on each hit and a highest level of playIdeally, you should frequently change balls. So, to help you choose the ideal balls without spending too much, at Showroom we have selected the five best padel balls to play at any level. They are all from well-known brands, such as Dunlop, Bullpadel or Headand they cost less than six euros for each boat.

Dunlop Pro Padel Balls

Made with a exclusive core and one synthetic felt outer layerthese balls offer a high performance for any use, from training to leagues and competitions. In addition, its materials also provide a superior resistance for maximum durability. In this way, its performance is fast and with a better bounce than a traditional paddle ball. For all the above, it is a ball approved by the International Padel Federation since 2019.

Bullpadel Premium Pro Balls

If you are looking for the maximum game speed, Bullpadel’s Premium Pro balls are the ones indicated. The reason is that they are made with synthetic felt top quality and a high density rubber core which, together, increase and guarantee a better hitting feeling. Also, your materials prevent pressure losswith the purpose of increase durability of the ball

Head Padel Balls

This is the paddle ball official of the Spanish Padel Federation. The reason is that it consists of a pressurized rubber core and of a extremely durable felt. Therefore, it is defined as a premium model that brings a great control in hitting, to delight high-level players.

Wilson Padel Rush 100 Balls

Unlike classic tennis balls, these Wilson paddle balls have a lower pressure to develop a game faster on any surface. They also have the duraweave technologywhose function is extend shelf life of each ball. To do this, your materials absorb less moisture and soil from the soil.

Padel balls Nox Pro Titanium

Developed for use in professional competitionthese high quality padel balls are pressurizedso they provide a great elasticity and one stable pressure. The result is a livelier boat to enjoy some more dynamic and fun matches. They are especially indicated for paddle tennis courts and have been approved by the French Tennis Federation.

*All prices included in this article are updated as of 03-25-2023.

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