Tatsumaki Comes To Life In Anari’s One Punch Man Cosplay

This weekend a new chapter of the One Punch Man manga was released and the fight between Saitama and Tatsumaki, the tornado of terror, finally ended, with the latter losing to no one’s surprise. This fight has inspired several cosplays and one of the most recent is the one that presented Anari this month, with which he gave life to Tatsumaki and surprised anime and manga fans.

Tatsumaki has been around since the beginning of One Punch Man’s story but we didn’t fight her the way she did with Saitama until the last few chapters, demonstrating both the power of the Tornado of Terror and Yusuke Murata’s drawing abilities. Similarly, Tatsumaki’s cosplay demonstrates Anari’s talent and shows us what the heroine would look like in real life.

Anari is the name by which an extremely popular and talented cosplayer is known who has been posting photos of her costumes on social media for a little over a year, including various anime and manga characters. Tatsumaki’s cosplay marks the first time Anari has paid tribute to One Punch Man, but her fans are hoping she isn’t her last as she turned out great on the first try.

Anari posted a couple of photos cosplaying Tatsumaki on March 12, garnering an extremely positive reception from her fans and One Punch Man fans alike. Since then Anari hasn’t cosplayed the Tornado of Terror again, but since their fight is over we hope he will transform into this green haired waifu again very soon.

In the last year Anari has come up with more than a dozen different cosplays and with this she has gained thousands of fans, so we could see more tributes to the One Punch Man anime and manga depending on how they receive her new Tatsumaki cosplay. In any case, even if you are not a fan of One Punch Man, you should take a look at Anari’s profile, because if you like cosplay you will find several quality works.

For now, we can only wait to see if Anari will publish more photos cosplaying Tatsumaki or if we already saw everything the cosplayer had to offer in relation to One Punch Man. Even so, we will surely continue to see tributes to the Tornado of Terror in the next few weeks, as there is a while left before the next chapter of the manga is released.

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