Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide | How to kill Jack Krauser

The final boss of chapter 11 of the game is an old acquaintance of Leon’s: nothing more and nothing less than jack krauser, with whom you are going to wage a spectacular knife duel. In this section of our guide to Resident Evil 4 Remake We give you the best tips and tricks to defeat him, along with a full battle gameplay video.

How to kill Jack Krauser in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Well, it shows that we really want to kill him, but it really is a fight that does not end with bloodshed, since after defeating him, Krauser will flee and our dream meeting will have to wait until we get to the Island. Anyway, let’s go to what matters: it’s a duel of knivesyou can’t use anything else (except healing items) and if by chance you got here with a knife about to break, don’t worry because there’s one stuck on the wall that you can pick up.

The fight is very fun, since the action is in real time and the key to everything lies in use the parry (block) to deflect his blows and then be the one to attack him. He’ll barely land a hit on you in the early going, so it’s easy to block and attack a couple of times. However, when you have done enough damage to it, it will do combos of up to 5 hits in a row; don’t be hasty and wait for him to finish before returning it to him.

When Krauser jumps, quickly turn around because he will always appear right behind you. and if you don’t do it in time, it will attack you. In addition, he will sometimes try to kick you in true Kung-fu style, which you will have to avoid by pressing circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox) when the indicator appears on the screen. As the fight progresses, he will occasionally be stunned if you manage to deal enough damage to him, giving you a small window to get in close and finish him off with a flying kick.

The battle will end with a scene where you will see Krauser running away. We don’t congratulate you, but we will do it later when you meet him again and manage to kill him. Finally, if you prefer to see a video tutorial, here is our gameplay of the fight.

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