Resident Evil 4 Remake Complete Guide: All Cheats, Secrets, Weapons, Achievements & Side Quests – Resident Evil 4: Remake

Relive the Resident that redefined the saga and get 100% of its achievements and secrets with this guide

At last has arrived the latest remake of Capcom’s horror saga. Resident Evil 4 Remake has been released with a very good welcome by critics and the public and offers us to relive Leon S. Kennedy’s mission in which he has to locate and rescue to the kidnapped daughter of the president of the USA

Your mission will lead you to Spain and face a new biological threat: The pests. All in a game in which several potentates will try to gain control of this new weapon that, although it is not the same as the T or G virus of Umbrella, they do not stop being a threat to the world. We detail the main aspects to overcome the game with ease and not leave you anything.

We also notify you that this guide is under construction and little by little we will go updating it with the different guides that we have prepared for you; so you don’t get spoilers and also because as they say, there is a lot of tomato in this game.

  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X│S, PS4 and Xbox One.
  • Total trophies: 39
  • Trophy earning time: 22-28 hours.
  • Main Story Duration: 16-19 hours.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Complete Guide: Index

  • achievements and trophies
  • Initial Tips
  • Resources and Money
  • Weapons
  • Peddler’s Requests
  • Collectibles, key items and puzzles
  • Bosses
  • Useful information

achievements and trophies

Starting by the challengesResident Evil 4 Remake posed almost 40 of themand it is not possible to beat all of them in your first game, and there are some that can be missed although it is possible to get them in the mode ”New game” once we complete the game.

Initial Tips

See that Spain is usually a tourist destination of first order worldwide, but what Leon finds when he arrives is far from what is announced today about the country. you would do well in read these initial tips to know how to face the adventure that is posed to him and Ashley.

Resources and Money

He ”crafting” is back In Resident Evil 4 Remake, the classic combination of herbs is now joined by the necessary combinations of objects so you don’t run out of ammunition and build other tools that allow you to battle against the Plagues. Likewise, you are also interested in knowing the best way to get as much money as possible by selling treasures that you find in the game to the mysterious Peddler.


without the weapons we would be lost in any game in the series (unless you are ace with the knife). Hence, in these guides we offer you advice to know which are the best to use in the game, and also where are some that are free and the Peddler It cannot sell you but it can improve them.

Peddler’s Requests

Athough it does not seems, there are side missions in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Yes, there were already in the original, but here they are not limited to destroying the medallions of the Plague cult: there are missions to find a specific treasure and sell it, to eliminate special enemies or those that appear in very specific areas.

Collectibles, key items and puzzles

Naturally, not everything will be shoot us and survive the aberrations that plagues throw at us. Advancing through the game will require good observation skills to get hold of some key collectibles, intelligence to overcome some of the most elaborate puzzles, and be attentive to our surroundings to locate some dolls that honor the first game and give us access to an achievement and a very special weapon.


Unfortunately, there aren’t just mutated beasts and humans controlled by the plagues. A series of main bosses they will try to cut us off in different areas of the game, and of course there is also the cult leader and discoverer of the Plagues: Lord Saddler. In these guides we tell you the best strategy to dispose of each one of them.

Useful information

In this section you will find information regarding specific details of the game at a technical and playable level. Although it is a remake, it is interesting to know what it can take you to complete the game 100% in detail, what takes up space on your console or PC, and for compatible users, a useful optimization guidecourtesy of our colleagues at 3DJuegos PC.

If you follow these contents, it won’t cost you much get hold of everything that the latest remake of the Capcom saga offers. If you are still not sure whether to get the game now or not, Alejandro Pascual details the best of the game in his analysis.

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