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Sony’s future in video games has its own name, and it doesn’t catch us new: the console playstation 6 (simplified to PS6) is set to be the strongest link in a lineage of desktop systems that has only known success. His secret formula? Combining Sony’s cutting-edge technology with the value of its own sagas capable of bringing out the best and the most unexpected of the ever-growing family of PlayStation Studios.

In LifeExtra we have proposed to share what we know about PS6, Sony’s plans and what has yet to be announced on the same site. Gathering all the information, but also raising and shaping the doubts of PlayStation players. Starting with the most basic of all: When is PS6 expected to be ready to hit homes?

Release date

PS6 will be released between 2026 and 2027, as long as there are no dramatic changes in the video game industry. According to documents offered by Sony at the beginning of 2023, during the Activision Blizzard purchase process, the company’s intention is for it to be available in 2027. It is not a date said spontaneously, but the extension of the statements of an executive of Sony around the evolution of the market and the hardware itself dedicated to entertainment.

In the past, the cycle of a new game platform was 7 to 10 years, but in view of the rapid development and evolution of technology, nowadays a platform cycle has become from 6 to 7 years.

Although it was not until the beginning of 2023 that Sony was finally able to overcome the component crisis that stalled the distribution of PS5, it should be remembered that the eighth generation of consoles began in 2020 and took a long time to start. In that time frame, manufacturers like NVIDIA developed vastly superior hardware and technology, such as the new 4000 series graphics cards.

For further reference, it’s also been six years since the release of PS4 and its successor. In any case, the leadership of PlayStation has digested the difficult launch of PS5 and has promised that its next console will hit shelves only when they are able to match demand and expectations. That said, and contrasting independent media, it is not ruled out that until the arrival of PS6 there will be an inter-generational review.

development news

Although, Sony has not offered any type of information related to PS6, which is more than understandable since PlayStation’s three current priorities for players, and in order of relevance, are PS5, PCPlayStation VR2 and the positioning of the sagas in film and television, the investigation for what will be offered on PS6 took a new step forward in 2021.

We have evidence that from September 2021open recruitment began for the research and development departments with a view to “the next PlayStation platforms“.

More specifically, these jobs, whose offers have since expired, went to Sony offices in Tokyo, San Mateo, and Sony’s larger global network to research and prototype cutting-edge technology and ways to apply it to our platform and services.

However, and taking into account that there is no official confirmation, plans have been detailed to offer an intergenerational PS5 model with different characteristics, which will also affect the final PS5 model.

As far as technology is concerned, in addition to continuing with the advances introduced in PS5 games, including higher resolution and performance, a greater reduction in loading times or spatial sound, it is expected that more and better use will be made of the PlayStation online infrastructures, with the reformulated PlayStation Plus since June 2022 as the flagship.

PS6: price, game catalog and backward compatibility

With that ahead, the price of PS6 will be proportional to the hardware used and the market price of its components. Manufacturing and distribution are elements to consider, and from what we have seen, we cannot rule out that the launch models easily exceed 500 euros / dollars of PS5 after its price increase.

All in all, Sony will decide the PS6 label figure once the final prototypes have been raised and with a very prudent margin at launch. The other element to weigh: the price of the games.

Both Sony and the five generations of PlayStation gamers are fully aware that the true strength of PS6, its greatest hit on the table, will be its own catalog of games. In view of this, PlayStation Studios have been developed which include equipment of the caliber of Naughty Dogthe studies of Santa Monica and San Diego, Insomniac Games either Guerrilla Games.

Regarding the previous ones, we can expect new editions or main entries of sagas such as The Last of Us, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man or the Horizon series with the same generational change conditions as from PS4 to PS5: improved versions, remakes, simultaneous releases and, gradually, titles that can only be played on PS5. including new accessibility options.

The funny thing about it is that, technically, the first confirmed game comes from Xbox Game Studios. Or, rather, the video game saga: Phil Spencer formally promised to continue carrying the saga annually call of duty to future PlayStation systems under the promise that as long as there is a PlayStation, there will be a Call of Duty to play in them.

And what about backwards compatibility? Mark Cerny established from his own PS5 presentation that it would be the way to go, although that does not guarantee on Sony’s part that we can access PS4 (or PS5) games on PS6 at no additional cost. In any case, the door to access all the previous legacy in the new Sony desktop has already been opened: PlayStation Plus Premium subscription.

What’s New on PS6: New controller, Virtual Reality and cloud gaming

To this we must add a crucial element: the Leonardo project, a device that is currently under development and that seeks to open the doors of video games to new player profiles that encountered barriers when using traditional controllers. It is expected that, once developed, be compatible with PS6.

As we already discussed, Sony is currently researching and developing hardware prototypes for the next generation of PlayStation. However, there are enough elements on the table to reach specific conclusions.

  • We know that the technological implementations of the DualSense will be maintained or a new leap in quality will be made. Most likely following the trend of the Edge model in terms of modules and features.
  • We count on you the PS6 interface will be redesigned. PlayStation does not hesitate to remove features that are not used by the community and, based on what we are seeing, it will seek to offer a more open ecosystem that goes beyond the console.
  • We know that services will be more important. Among other things, due to PlayStation’s movements by acquiring specialized companies, platforms such as Crunchyroll and, above all, completely redesigning PlayStation Plus.
  • Precisely, it is the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription that opens the door to cloud gaming on PS5 and by extension, it is expected that It also happens on PS6.

No less interesting are the efforts and advances that Sony is making in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Which is already being implemented directly in video games. And what is better: will be the future to follow.

Finally, the launch in 2023 of Playstation VR2 opens the door for it to be compatible with the next generation of Sony consoles without the need to introduce adapters or additional hardware beyond what is offered. In any case, the gaming experience is expected to be even more immersive as better resources and more muscle will be offered when it comes to PS6 technology.

Trailers and images

As we discussed, Sony’s research and development divisions are currently shaping the prototypes of PS6, with which we are still quite far from seeing a commercial version, for developers or for simple testing of the new console. In any case, We will update our text as soon as they are announced.

PS6 It is called to be the console with which the true advances of Sony will be measured against a whole legacy in video games. Both for enthusiasts and for developers and creatives. The beginning of a new stage and, by extension, the beginning of a new era for a PlayStation that, by the way, is already fully integrated as a company in the PC, cinema and television. What will be next? We’re looking forward to finding out.

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