Polygon Announces Strategic Partnership with Immutable to Create a Dedicated Zero-Knowledge Gaming Blockchain

  • Polygon Labs announces a new partnership with Immutable, aimed at accelerating decentralized game development and further increasing Web3 adoption.
  • The partnership will help make the creation and development of Web3-enabled games smoother and faster for major game studios.

In a recent announcement, Polygon has revealed a new partnership with Immutable. In a recently published blog post, Polygon has revealed that, through its partnership with Immutanle, it will build a dedicated gaming blockchain using zero-knowledge technology. The partnership is focused on accelerating decentralized game development and pushing the mass adoption of Web3 further, to a larger crowd.

“Immutable zkEVM”, a new EVM-compliant ZK-rollup powered by Polygon technology and fully supported by the Immutable platform, is scheduled for release in the coming months. Starting today, game developers can get their hands on initial documentation to begin early integration with Immutable zkEVM. Polygon states in the blogpost.

The blogpost further added that building on Immutable zkEVM with the Immutable Platform has the ability to make Web3-enabled game development faster, easier, and poses less risk for large game studios as well as independent game developers.

“Polygon Labs and Immutable, crowned by Delphi Digital as “the undisputed champions of the Ethereum game”, come together at an important time for Web3. Half of all blockchain activity in 2022 came from games and three-quarters of game developers expect to work on Web3 games in the future.” It is read in the blogpost.

The network argues that the collaboration of both platforms helps break down the decision-making process for developers, making it possible to go from concept to launch much faster. In addition, the association allows to open the largest and most liquid ecosystem to end users.

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Polygon consolidates its position in the video game industry with the new partnership

Speaking about the partnership, Ryan Wyatt, President of Polygon labs, revealed that the partnership is a monumental step forward in Polygon’s mission to empower developers and make it possible for users to own their in-game assets.

He also stated that leveraging Immutable’s gaming platform, which enjoys a high reputation as a leading global gaming platform, makes the game development process smoother. It also encourages the creation of rich and unique gaming experiences, Wyatt added.

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The partnership further strengthens Polygon’s position in the gaming industry, as the Polygon network already boasts some of the biggest game projects and publishers on the market. Ubisoft, Atari, Animoca, Decentraland, Somnium Space, and The Sandbox are some of the game projects built on the Polygon network. Polygon also boasts over 220 million unique user addresses and is home to millions of decentralized applications, as well as leading global companies such as Stripe, Adobe, and Robinhood.

Similarly, Immutable has also carved a niche for itself in the Web3 gaming space, creating its .m game store platform, which developers can use to build and launch Web3 games with built-in blockchain mechanics.

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