Paris will be the last Major in CS:GO history

The Paris Major will be the last of CS:GO

The arrival of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) not only shook the world of gaming and esports, but also changed many of the plans of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Although there are still months left for CS2 to definitively replace the Global Offensive version, the competitive world is already changing its calendar. VALVE raises his voice again with his flagship game but this time to confirm something that caused many doubts. The developer confirms that the last CS:GO Major will be the BLAST.TV Major in Paris. The tournament sponsored by VALVE and produced by BLAST.TV that is scheduled for the May of this 2023 and will close the history of the CS: GO Majors. At the same time, VALVE confirms that the second half of this year will not have a Majorsince the next one in the list will be in March 2024 with Counter-Strike 2.

BLAST.TV will have the honor of closing the CS:GO cycle with the Paris Major. The French capital was surprised to receive the news that it would host a Major for the first time. However, in almost no one’s plans it was that this was such an important Major. CS:GO will close one of the most special and historic decades of electronic sports, and this to give way to the new era of shooter VALVE tactician. He counter strike 2 It is still in the beta process but it has already knocked on the door and VALVE points out that be ready in 2024 to celebrate its first Major.

This 2023 we will only have one CS:GO Major

Somewhat sad news for fans of the CS:GO scene. The sad part of this statement comes with the fact that the second half of this 2023 there will be no CS: GO Major to look. This is especially due to the fact that Counter-Strike 2 is expected to be fully available and ready for competitions around those dates. However, this will only make the Paris Major more important, which will be the last CS:GO crown available to claim. Historical players like Nikola Kovac «niko“Jonathan Jablonowski”Choose» and Mathieu Herbaut «zywoo” are before his last bullet to register a Major in his record. While Astralis and their golden era will contemplate goodbye, remaining forever in the history of esports as the most dominant. Also, Peter Rasmussen”dupreeh» can sign a unique record in history, being the only player to play all the CS:GO Majorsthat is clear if it is classified together with Vitality to the Paris Major.

Much remains to be determined, mainly the issues are about where will CS2 be released in competitive. VALVE’s new video game will replace CS:GO and begin to write its own history as an electronic sport. Although we know that in the summer of this 2023 the game will end its form of beta to launch finally. However, current competitive circuits such as ESL and BLAST They have not yet announced anything regarding the integration of CS2 in their tournaments.

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