Marhoder announces that he is leaving Bisons and his retirement as coach

No.sad news that came out yesterday, in which Pablo ‘Marhoder’ Menéndez announced his departure from the Bisons and his retirement as coach. Marhoder is an absolute benchmark within the competitive scene in our country, and after eight years of career as coach professional, has decided to retire officially.

Although Marhoder has announced this decision, he also He has commented that he plans to continue linked to eSportsbut not in the same way in which it has been doing these years. “I have stopped being me this split and stopped enjoying my work”he himself commented in a tweet in which he revealed the reasons for his departure.

Farewell with honors

To say goodbye to Marhoder, Bisons published a mini-documentary in which they review their career. In this audiovisual piece personalities such as Fernando Cardenete or Jaime Mellado appear praising the Spanish coach, as well as many members of the staff de Bisons, all delighted to have worked with the Spanish coach.

As Marhoder himself has said, 8 years in the competitive scene go a long way, and the coach abandons his role as a coach, leaving behind many successes at the sporting level, in which The promotions with Penta 1860 to the Prime League and with Astralis SB to the highest Spanish competition stand out, or in recent years in Bisonsin which he managed to put the bisons in a Super League final and in the European Master with a roster that very few people counted on to be so high.

From here, We send all the luck in the world to Pablo in his future steps and in this new stage. Let’s hope that Mahroder remains linked as much as possible to the competitive League of Legends, in order to continue enjoying a spectacular personality in this sector.

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