Kings League live: playoff results and goals

The moment of truth has arrived in this first season of the kings league. It’s time to find out which four teams will fight for the title in the Final Four of the Camp Nouand which other four will also begin to think about the next season in May.

The playoffs with a quarterfinal a real heart attack Four great games of the highest level, between teams that must demonstrate their strengths and correct weaknesses that may have made them suffer more than necessary. It can only be one.

The Cupra Arena hosts this Friday, March 24, the last game of this season of the Kings League, according to the quarterfinals. After that, on Sunday the 26th everything is transferred to a Camp Nou that will be close to a full house, for a totally historic event.

Kings League: from Forlán to Riquleme, possible stars for the Camp Nou

Kings League quarter-final results

Saiyans and Kunisports open the can this afternoon, with Kun Agüero himself as player 12 of his team, because on a day as important as today, nothing can go wrong, and the Argentine star assumes responsibility for his club himself. Ending everything with an Ultimate Móstoles, who is an absolute favorite, who is measured against a neighborhood capable of absolutely everything.

Saiyans FC (Grefg) 3-2 Kunisports (Kun Aguero)

  • 1-0 R.Carbó 1′
  • 1-1 Joan Agnes 4′
  • 2-1 R. Carbó 19 ‘
  • 2-2 Hidalgo 21′
  • 3-2 R.Carbó 40′ (p.)

Los Troncos FC (Perxitaa) 4-2 XBUYER TEAM (Buyer Brothers)

  • 0-1 fuad 20′
  • 1-1 Sergio Sanchez 23′
  • 2-1 Dorkis 31′
  • 3-1 Christmas 35′
  • 3-2 poch 40′
  • 4-2 Edgar Alvaro 40+2′

Swine FC (Ibai) 2-2* Annihilators (JuansGuarnizo)

  • 0-1 Galvany 9′
  • 1-1 Hugo Friar 15′
  • 2-1 put on 17′
  • 2-2 Galvany 25′
    • 0-1 Williams V
    • 0-1 File X
    • 0-2 Fran Hernandez
    • 0-2 Espinosa X
    • 0-3 Bernard
    • 0-3 Hugo Friar X

Ultimate Mostoles (DjMaRiiO) 0-3 The Neighborhood (Adri Contreras)

  • 0-1 Ubon 20+1′
  • 0-2 Ubon 37
  • 0-3 Rose 40+1′
A look at the Final Four

The semifinal crossing has already been decided, in which he will face Saiyans vs. El Barrio. And on the other hand, the duel of Trunks vs. Annihilators. Four teams that will face each other in the intense Final Four at the Camp Nou.

After this Friday, Porcinos, XBUYER Team and Kunisports, will join 1K, JIJANTES, PIO and Rayo de Barcelona, ​​eliminated in the regular phase, in addition to Ultimate Móstoles after the surprise of El Barrio, already pending the very important transfer market that is coming in just a few days.

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