How to expand inventory capacity?

devil 4like its predecessors, is a Action-RPG in which it prevails a lot collecting new loot as we go on the adventure. The more level we go up, the more objects we collect in missions and activities in the world of Sanctuary, so you will soon run out asking whether or not it is possible to expand the maximum capacity of your inventory.

In this entry of our guide we are going to give you an answer to this and we will tell you what can you do to store more items conveniently. Watch out for the data!

Can the size of the inventory be increased?

  • Unfortunately, in Diablo 4 it is not possible to increase the maximum size of the inventory of the character.
Diablo 4 - Tama

We refer to the size of cells available in the “Equipment” inventorysince this section is where the main objects that you collect around the world are stored (such as weapons, armor and jewels) and it is available from the beginning of the game up to 33 holes for objects.

As also happens in other games in the series, in Diablo 4 there is no way to expand this inventory size, so you’ll have to be content with what’s there. At least, this is what we know at the time of writing this guide (when the game is in open beta). maybe later Blizzard offers some option to expand the inventory, but at the moment there is not much you can do…

How to expand the stash size?

Luckily, in Diablo 4 you can still keep items you get in the stash. The stash is a kind of trunk that appears in the main cities of the world and is used to store items you don’t want to lose (You will recognize its icon by the shape of an open chest on the map).

Diablo 4 - Stash to store items

In this way, the stash acts as a relief for inventory burden of your character, since you can free up spaces in your current inventory by storing things in it. And the good news is that this s can be expanded of size.

  • In the stash chest if you interact with it you will see that you have available default up to 50 slots to store items.
  • However, if you change tabs in the stash you will see the option to buy another chest to expand your capacity in another 50 boxes.
  • The purchase of this extension costs 100,000 gold coins.
Diablo 4 - Buy the app

as you see it is not nothing cheap the expansion of the stash, and surely you will not be able to buy it in your first hours of play. Nevertheless, the investment may pay off in the long runespecially when you have already completed the campaign or if you are one of those players who likes to keep a lot of objects and does not want to sell or recycle them.

Lastly, remember that you are where you are you can always create a transporter portal to the nearest city to come quickly to this stash and save any inventory items you don’t want to lose before exploring further.

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