Guide to win Red Bull Click and accompany TheGrefg

TheGrefg faces his most epic adventure on April 20 in an incredible direct: Red Bull Click. But he will not be alone, you can help him by entering right now and training your speed, your knowledge and your attention. The more points the community gets, the more opportunities David Cánovas will have to complete the game, which we will all enjoy in a live stream in IRL mode.

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Red Bull Click

TheGrefg needs your help for the great adventure of Red Bull Click. He plays for points and remember, the players who do best will be able to accompany David and help him in person.

The two people who get the best score in the Red Bull Click training phase will be able to accompany TheGrefg in person on his most epic adventure in recent years. Enter now and don’t stop playing. The more points the community gets, the better, as the Spanish streamer will be able to redeem them in order to pass the game.

Until April 20 arrives, here we tell you the keys to win the training phase of Red Bull Click.

Test your reflexes with the Red Bull Click speed tests

Test your reflexes with the Red Bull Click speed tests

© Red Bull Spain


Find the longest game

There are different ways to play in the training phase of Red Bull Click. You can do it in a hurry and finish the game as soon as possible, add some points and that’s it. Or, on the contrary, you can choose the longest path, that some questions and their answers lead you to many others, so that you find a way to extend it as long as possible, because only then will you achieve the maximum score. The longer your path, the more mini-games you will find and the more points you will earn. And in this way your chances of living the adventure on April 20th with TheGrefg increase.

As in all games, time is important. You can’t stop the seconds from passing, but you can put all the meat on the grill to take as little time as possible to respond correctly. The less time it takes you, the more points you will earn. In the speed tests this is very obvious, because the one who manages to complete them faster accumulates more points. In those of attention and knowledge, time is not so present, but it will also have its importance.


The answers are at

The knowledge section will test everything you know about TheGrefg and the world of Red Bull. The good news is that all the answers to the questions can be found at Visit our website frequently and keep an eye on all the content about TheGrefg, because they will help you get the highest score in knowledge training.

TheGrefg becomes a Streetfighter for Red Bull Click

TheGrefg becomes a Streetfighter for Red Bull Click

© Red Bull Spain


Drink a Red Bull once in a while

The game hides Red Bull cans in the game’s side missions. If you succeed, the game will offer you to drink it later and this will sharpen your abilities and make the next minigame a bit easier.

You may reach a point in the game where you have to stake everything on one last question. If you fail, you will lose all your points. However, if you get it right, you will have the opportunity to choose between all the mini-games that are there to play the one that best suits you once again and thus be able to embroider it.

This game generates different ramifications, we advise you to draw your own game map, looking for the questions and answers that lead you to continue in the game and find the longest path that allows you to accumulate the maximum points.

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