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The end of an era. Valve has confirmed that the Paris Major 2023 will not only be the only one of the year, but it will also be the last CS:GO Major. Next year, in March, we will have the first Major of counter strike 2.

Valve revealed, to the surprise of many, the arrival of Counter-Strike 2 for this year. In fact, it is possible to access a beta of the long-awaited shooting video game. However, with the good news also came an unexpected announcement for eSports: this year will be the last CS:GO Major.

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Through a concise message on Twitter, the official Counter-Strike account confirmed that This year there will only be one CS:GO Majorthe Paris Major 2023.

The Paris Major will be the final CS:GO Major. The next Major will be in March 2024 and the first for Counter-Strike 2“, wrote. In this way, the Counter-Strike 2 competitions begin their cycle.

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When will Counter-Strike 2 arrive in our region? The title will arrive in winter 2023. Counter-Strike 2 includes several graphical improvements to the game’s maps.

Here we leave you the trailer of Counter-Strike 2.

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