Getting Legendary Skins, Types, and Uses

One of the characteristics that devil 4 is the power codexa special collection that can be unlocked in your game and that collects various legendary skins with which you can print unique effects to improve your character’s equipment.

If you have doubts about this system, you don’t know how it worksin what way unlock ithow to get aspects or how using them in your objects, don’t worry, next in this entry of our guide you will find All the details related.

How to unlock the power codex?

The power codex can be unlocked in your Diablo 4 game in a very simple way: getting a legendary skin from the codex for the first time. These skins can be earned by completing dungeons around the world map, so visit one and clear it to receive your final reward.

There is no no additional requirementsthat is, you only need complete the prologue of the campaign and then go to your first dungeon.

How do you get all the aspects of the power codex?

As we have already told you above, the legendary aspects that lists appear in the power codex you can get as a reward for completing dungeons optional on the map. There’s a total of 114 skins from the codex of power to unlock, so you’ll have to beat that number of dungeons if you want them all.

  • The good news is that every dungeon you find on the map will indicate exactly the type of aspect which you can get if you complete it (hover over the dungeon on the map to find out).
  • That is to say, skins are not random rewards of the dungeons, so each one has an associated skin.
  • The first time Once you complete a dungeon, you’ll get a codex skin (you only need to complete it once, subsequent ones won’t give you any more skins).

Naturally, there are still hundreds of other legendary skins in the game besides what the power code shows, but these are get randomly by killing demons throughout Sanctuary and once you get legendary pieces of equipment, you can visit the occult NPC to recycle them and so extract its aspects.

Note that unlike aspects of the power codex that have unlimited usesthe aspects you get from extraction at the occultist have only one use (and the items you recycle are destroyed in the process). In addition, these aspects do not count towards completing the codex, obviously; only those in the dungeons count.

Legendary Skin Types

There are tons of legendary skins in Diablo 4, and the ones you can get for your power code are divided by types or categories. Depending on the category to which an aspect belongs, it can only be be printed in a few pieces of specific equipment.

These are the 5 skin types from the codex:

  • Defensive: they can be printed on helms, chest, pants and amulets.
  • Offensive: they can be printed on gloves, one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, rings, and charms.
  • Resources: they can be printed on helms, rings and amulets.
  • Utility: they can be printed on helms, chests, gloves and amulets.
  • Mobility: they can be printed on boots and charms.

How to use and print legendary skins?

Once you have legendary skins unlocked from your codex of power, you can use them as many times as you want printing them on your computer through the occultists. You can visit them from the time you get your first legendary skin (or from level 25).

  • Occult NPCs are some merchants who are in the main cities of the game.
  • Occultists offer various services, including the impression of aspects in exchange for gold.
  • You just have to visit them and choose which aspect of your codex you want to print on a compatible part of your equipment.
  • It is worth mentioning that aspects may or may not be exclusive for the main character classes available.
  • Some aspects are valid for all classes, while others can only be used on Barbarians, Sorceress, and so on. Keep that in mind.
  • In addition, when printing an aspect on a piece of equipment, it becomes of legendary quality and also receives a cosmetic design special.

Finally, we inform you that the aspects obtained from the codex tend to offer the lowest “run” possible in terms of their stats if you are going to print them in the occultist. This means that if the aspect offers some type of benefit in printing, it is automatically adjust to the lower range percentage.

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