Another dev doubts the power of Xbox Series S; believes that it is not a console for the entire generation

Xbox Series S has divided opinion among developers. Some believe that it limits the potential of the current generation, while other creatives believe that it is not a problem and that it has a lot to offer. José Carlos Montero, CEO of Red Hook Games, joined this conversation recently and gave his point of view.

During an interview with GamingBoltthe creative behind The Crown of Wu He said the Xbox Series S is a great option for gamers if it’s their secondary console, as he believes the system will struggle to run the most demanding games of the generation with the expected performance.

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Dev fears Xbox Series S can’t handle some games

Montero thinks that Xbox Series S is not the ideal option for gamers who want a console for the entire generation. From his point of view, the system will have some problems in the future with the most technically demanding games.

“It’s going to be hard to put up with 1440p and 60 fps for the most demanding games of the generation. As much as Xbox wants to sell it like that, I don’t think the average consumer wants to buy a Series S and make it their console for the entire generation,” said the creative.

Due to the above, Montero sees Xbox Series S more as a complementary or secondary console, ideal for enjoying the Xbox Game Pass catalog and exclusive Xbox games, which will obviously be optimized for their systems.

“Personally I see it more as a support console, for example, in our case we have a PS5 and a Series S at home that we use to play exclusive Xbox games or simply to enjoy the wonderful Game Pass. If we want to enjoy more resolution and quality, we play directly on PS5 or PC”, concluded the creative.

Various developers have shown their concern for the future of Xbox Series S, also from a technical perspective. As we told you, there are also creatives who believe that the system has what it takes to offer a great current-generation experience at a fairly affordable price.

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