All mechanical castellan in Resident Evil 4 Remake: where they are and rewards

One of the new collectibles that have been added in resident Evil 4 Remake is that of the mechanical Castellans, and we have one available, and well hidden, in each of the chapters.

In this way, we have 16 mechanical Castilians in the remake of resident evil 4 in a new collectible that surely you will not want to put aside, and that unlocks about four achievements and trophies.

We have a mechanical Castilian in Resident Evil 4 Remake hidden in each of the chapters, and we will give you its exact location.

It is not difficult to locate them because they emit a sound, but sometimes due to enemies or nerves we can leave them aside, and you will surely need them for your games in Resident Evil 4 Remake.


ANALYSIS of RESIDENT EVIL 4 REMAKE – a new marvel of terror

All mechanical castellan in Resident Evil 4 Remake: where they are and rewards

To locate the mechanical castellan in Resident Evil 4 Remake you must listen to the sound they make, which is that of a wind-up doll, so if you use headphones much better.

You can unlock two achievements, one of them is “rebellion against the disgusting”, where you must destroy a mechanical castellan; and the other is “revolution rope” which is awarded to you by destroying all mechanical castellan.

Location of all mechanical castellan in Resident Evil 4 Remake

  • Chapter 1: in the settlement, by the lake, when you enter from the farm, you will find a villager standing, inside a ruined house, throwing dynamite at himself, you must go inside that house, and in the second room, look towards the beams to see the doll
  • Chapter 2 – North of the abandoned factory area, as soon as you unlock the door with the insignia key, you are going to find the doll in the corner of a hut on a bale of hay along with a note asking you to shoot the dolls .
  • Chapter 3 – Inside the merchant’s shop hideout, go down to the lower level next to the dock where the locked crate is and you’ll find the doll on top of a box near the ceiling.
  • Chapter 4: In the secret area of ​​the forest altar, which you can reach from the lake settlement area side as soon as you have the insignia key, to do this open the door and go up the stairs to the main altar, then go to the back where the fence is and look to the left of the forest to see the doll.
  • Chapter 5: In the attic of the village chief’s mansion, which you can access when Ashley is with you, so go to the bedroom, open the attic hatch, help Ashley, and the doll is next to a board chess .
  • Chapter 6: you locate it when you leave the town, before reaching the checkpoint, go through a hut that contains a chest with the chalice of atonement and a villager who scares you from the door, because after this, you should see a bonfire in the right side with the doll right next to it on the floor.
  • Chapter 7: You locate it after escaping from the first big enemy, that blind bug with big claws, and here you will open the dungeon door, go up a ladder to the storage room, and before the treasure, you will find the doll on a shelf wood.
  • Chapter 8: You locate it on the castle battlements, when the giant starts throwing rocks at you at the top of the tower, but instead of turning left to continue and escape, you have to turn right, then down, back to the tower you originally came from, and here you need to climb the ladder to the top of that tower, then run to the other side of the barrier of boxes to find the doll.
  • Chapter 9: It is hidden in the maze of the courtyard, where the dogs, when you are in front of the elevator staircase, go left, then you must go right, left back, right, left back, right back, and you will find the doll on a pillar between some wooden planks.
  • Chapter 10: You locate it after leaving the water cave, with the insects in the depths, so when you find the door of the merchant’s shop, look for the sewer grate opposite, and look inside to see the doll.
  • Chapter 11: Found after riding the mining cart with Luis, for the first time, where you get to the stop, but before you get on the other cart, look inside the first floor of the house where the dynamite enemy is to see the doll on the edge of the roof.
  • Chapter 12 – On the ground floor of the clock tower, as soon as you enter and Salazar appears, go left and run along the wall to find the doll under the stairs in a box.
  • Chapter 13: Near where you first arrive on the island, as soon as you fight the soldier you will go through some double doors and you will have two directions, one for the side of the building and the other for the main door where there are soldiers, so head towards the soldiers, and after eliminating them, look for the doll hidden on the ground, between a green forklift and the red truck.
  • Chapter 14: Located after meeting Saddler in the warehouse, the doll is on top of a metal locker in a room, at the top end of the camp area, where the soldier with the crossbow is standing.
  • Chapter 15 – Behind the section with Mike, the helicopter, and the cliff ruins, you will locate the doll on a ceiling beam in a back room with the treasure chest.
  • Chapter 16 – Available while fleeing the island on the timer, after jumping over the collapsed stone bridge and entering the room with all the parasites and soldiers on the floor, you find the doll on top of a stack of boxes near the forklift .

So now you know where all the mechanical castellan are in Resident Evil 4 Remake so you don’t miss any of them.

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