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Although the feelings around the Chinese company are good, some OnePlus fans have been upset for some time with the evolution of the brand in recent years.

They feel that Oppo’s subsidiary has lost its “edge” in pursuit of a richer product portfolio, able to serve more people around the world. OnePlus is still clearly a company that likes to take risks and experiment with new technologies bold… but very occasionally.

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The flagship right now, the OnePlus 11, may not seem like the biggest gamble in the mobile industry at first glance, but the company spoke of a “concept” phone at the ‘Mobile World Congress’ of last month.

In case that project does not seem ambitious enough, it is expected that in the near future another experiment materializes related to the eleventh generation of the OnePlus, at least in China.

According to official suggestions published on the Chinese Weibo network, this future project of the company it has been described as being made with “unprecedented materials and workmanship” and supposedly with him aim to “look unique” in the hands of each particular user.

Luckily for us, that’s where a couple of different leakers come into play, not only predicting exactly what this device will be about, but also reveal some images that show how it could beand the answer is: marble.

That’s right, there is a special edition of OnePlus 11 in development that will be built with a material never used before on a mobile device…or at least something designed to closely mimic the look of marble.

We’re talking about a potentially cool and slippery feel, although obviously It’s unclear how OnePlus plans to make each marble-backed phone look different from the next unit..

Either way, the use of “unprecedented materials and workmanship” strongly suggests that availability will be extremely limited for this device, and presumably very expensivewhich almost certainly rules out a commercial release anywhere outside of China, though stranger things have been seen.

That doesn’t stop you from fantasizing about a premium phone with a design made of something other than glass, metal, plastic, or various combinations of the three “basic” materials, which is what we have the most hackneyed at this point.

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