You can now download Rise of Industry for free on the Epic Games Store

The next free game of the Epic Games Storeas of March 9, is none other than “call of the sea“. Users of the Epic Games Store should already be familiar with how their free games program works.

Every week, users of the Epic Games Store receive a new game for free while the one that will arrive the following week is revealed. The current free game of the EGS is “Rise of Industry“.

Rise of Industry is a management game whose premise is in its title. Unfortunately, for users of the Epic Games Store, Rise of Industry received mostly negative reviews upon its original release in 2019, so it may not be the best free game given away this year.

However, EGS free games are free of charge, so users have nothing to lose by downloading Rise of Industry and giving it a try.

Rise of Industry will be free on the Epic Games Store from now until Thursday the 9th. On that day, Rise of Industry will leave the EGS catalog of free games and will be replaced by Call of the Sea, an adventure/puzzle/mystery game in first person which was originally released in 2020.

You can now download Rise of Industry for free on the Epic Games Store; Call of the Sea is the next gift

The game is inspired by Lovecraftian mythology and has received mostly positive reviews.

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