Wild Hearts receives second free DLC with a new Kemono

The first quarter of 2023 has been full of video game releases and in mid-February we saw the arrival of Wild Hearts, the new proposal from Koei Tecmo published by EA in the monster hunter genre that came to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Today we saw the arrival of the second free Wild Hearts DLC, which adds to the new Kemono grimstalker.

Wild Hearts seeks to compete with the Monster Hunter series, because despite belonging to a similar genre, it offers new things in its gameplay that make it quite different from Capcom’s games. Koei Tecmo is committed to making Wild Hearts a great experience and for this reason they have just released their second free DLC with the Kemono Grimstalker.

Since before the launch of Wild Hearts it was confirmed that it will not have microtransactions and all the DLC will be free, so those who purchase it should not worry about spending more to get all its content. While there’s been no word on exactly how much content EA and Koei Tecmo are planning, we expect Wild Hearts to continue to receive free DLC throughout its first year.

Wild Hearts’ second free update introduces a new Kemono subspecies with the new wolf-type Shadowstalker, which can be found on Natsukodachi Island. The Shadow Stalker is a relative of the Frost Stalker but has the ability to manipulate searing flames and raging seas, making it an extremely dangerous creature.

Take advantage of the Elemental Lanterns to combat the Shadowstalker’s abilities and get the new armors that have just arrived in the game, as the glowing armor is now available along with three special missions to get new chat stamps and emotes for each victory. Remember that Wild Hearts is available on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5 and PC, with a 10-hour free trial on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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