The Epic Game Store launches today’s free games

The free game of Epic Games Store for this March 30 is the cooperative roguelite Tunchewhich users can claim for free until April 6.

The Epic Games Store usually updates its selection of free games on Thursdays, and Epic takes advantage of the fact that users return to the digital store to claim their gifts by revealing what will be next week.

This way, users of the Epic Games Store can use the store more often and potentially see games they want to buy in the process.

The Epic Game Store releases today’s free games and reveals next week’s

Right now, the free game on the Epic Games Store is ChessUltra, which is available from March 23 to March 30. Typically, Epic Games Store users have enjoyed a single free game each week throughout 2023, and that’s technically true this week as well, because the second “free game” is free-to-play content.

From now until March 30, Epic Games Store users can claim the Ishizuchi Starter Pack for the free game World of Warships.

On March 30, Chess Ultra and World of Warships will be removed from the Epic Games Store catalog of free games, replaced by Tunche, until it also disappears on April 6.

Tunche is a roguelite cooperative brawler that got somewhat mixed reviews at the time of its original release. However, fans of the roguelite genre and cooperative fighting games can check it out.

As always, there are no strings attached when it comes to claiming free games from the Epic Games Store, so there’s little reason for users not to claim Tunche for their digital library, even if they’re not huge fans of the genre.

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