The Castelló clubs of ‘Endavant Esports’ appreciate Roig’s support in the last two decades

The Castelló clubs of ‘Endavant Esports’ appreciate Roig’s support in the last two decadesMediterranean

The sports clubs of Castelló affected by the measure taken by Fernando Roig to exclude them from the Endavant Esports Project for the next season have publicly shown their “thank you” to the president of Villarreal CF “for all the support we have received from him, and of Villarreal CF in general, in all these years”. Those involved have sent a joint statement this Thursday, after meeting on Wednesday with Mayor Amparo Marco and explaining to them what their situation would be without the support of the initiative of the grogueta entity, in which the following can be read:

“Dear Mr. Fernando Roig, from the sports clubs of Castelló that are part of the Endavant Esports project we want to thank you publicly all the support we have received from you, and from Villarreal CF in general, in all these years.

Some of us have been members of your project practically since day one and, thanks to that, It has been possible for us to compete with the best of our respective sports modalities and achieve unthinkable successes long ago.. His disinterested work, and that of José Manuel Llaneza (DEP), for contributing to our daily improvement and promoting sports in the province has allowed us to achieve many of our sporting goals and also to organize a series of events that have put Castellón in first place. line.

We are aware of the great effort that Villarreal have made for us, regardless of the moment in which the social situation of the country was (crisispandemic…)That is why we can only show you our most sincere gratitude for launching in 2004 an initiative that has made provincial sports shine in the last almost 20 years.

We deeply regret the disagreements that have caused the end of this collaboration and we trust that, one way or anotherthe current situation can be solved so that the sport of Castellon province stay on top.

However, whatever happens, from the sports clubs of Castelló we will always be grateful to you, to Mr. Llaneza and to all the people who are part of Villarreal CF for his good intentions, his unconditional help and his commitment to sportalways showing us proud to have been part of his club”.

A total of 14 clubs involved

The 14 sports clubs from the city of Castelló that will be left out of Endavant Esports, as Roig himself communicated in a letter to each one, are confident that a solution can still be found and they will not lose potential for next season. in order to be able to stay on the front line in their respective sports modalities. It should be remembered that these entities are CA Playas Castellón, TAU Castellón, CFS Bisontes Castellón, CV L’Illa Grau, CV Mediterráneo, CV Grau Castellón, CD Balonmano Castellón, Club Natación Castalia Castellón, Hockey Club Castellón, Club Waterpolo Castellón, Club Patí Castalia, Club Triatló Tritrail de Castelló de la Plana, Club Nados Nados Castellón and Club Natación Azahar Sincro.

All of them held a meeting with Amparo Marco last Wednesday at the Patronat d’Esports de Castelló in which the mayoress wanted to know first-hand how the measure would affect them before meeting this Friday with Roig himself to discuss the situation and meet with them again at the end of next week. At the same time, the City Council is studying different mechanisms to try to support the clubs in the event that there is no going back on Villarreal CF.

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