tennis will be present at the world’s largest gaming and esports festival – AAT

The Argentine Tennis Association will be present at one of the most important gaming events in the world, with an exclusive benefit for its members. The second edition of Gamergy Argentina, the “Lollapalooza of videogames”, will take place on April 7, 8 and 9 in Tecnópolis and the AAT was chosen as a benchmark for traditional sports to participate in the second edition in the country.

In 2022, more than 50,000 people passed through the different spaces of the event and basketball was the guest sport. This year the leading role will be played by tennis, with the aim of bringing E-SPORTS fans closer to those who traditionally practice the sport, setting up a new scenario for the tennis community.

The AAT experience inside the Gamergy

The AAT Youth Open will unfold through a series of micro-events within Gamergy. With its own stand, there will be immersive reality spaces, console video games (PS5 and Nintendo) and an exhibition tournament in a special “Ace” format, which emulates the King’s League.

The Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 categories will participate with a court dimension adapted to the space (10×8) and special rules that will make the event an innovative and fun tournament. The teams will play the double gentlemen and double ladies modalities, having secret cards that will allow them to change the course of the game at any time.

The immersive reality space allows participants to experience the game of tennis in 360°. In turn, First Person Tennis encourages those present to participate in training to test their aiming performance or a match with another player. The public will be able to see the match in dispute on the screen and the winners will receive special gifts.

World Tennis Tour (Playstation 5) will take center stage in the console gaming space. On Nintendo, Mario Aces gives participants a hybrid experience. It also introduces players to the storied world of Mario Bros. in an adventure for the whole family. Both games will serve as a platform to get to know e-tennis.

In addition, the AAT Stand will have live music with a DJ, animation and locution, clinics with aiming challenges for the public, tennis cosplayers and spaces for sports and institutional information.

What is Gamergy?

Flow GAMERGY is one of the most important and spectacular physical esports events in the Spanish-speaking world, with great projection and impact in the virtual community. It is an event designed for all gamers and fans of the world of video games.

Flow Gamergy Argentina is an event organized by IFEMA MADRID in association with GGTech and Fenix ​​Entertainment.

Exclusive benefit for AAT members

Members of the AAT community have the benefit of an exclusive 2×1 applicable to all event tickets, which can be purchased through the platform Entry One. Each partner will receive a code through WhatsApp to access the benefit.

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