Silent Hill 2 Remake is about to finish its development on PS5

So far this year we’ve received excellent remakes of Dead Space, Metroid Prime and (starting tomorrow) Resident Evil 4, but there are still some highly anticipated remakes like Silent Hill 2 to come. Silent Hill 2 remake is being developed by Bloomer Team and it will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, which was announced without a release date but could arrive in 2023.

An interview with the CEO of Bloober Team was published this week, Piotr Babienowhere he said that the remake of Silent Hill 2 already almost finished its developmentso it will be complete in 2023 without problems. However, Babieno clarifies that the release date depends on Konami, so we will have to wait for an announcement from him later.

Silent Hill 2 is technically ready”, Babieno said in the interview published by the Polish site Bankier this Tuesday, March 21, although he clarified that they do not decide when their remake will arrive on PS5 consoles. “Posting schedule issues fall to our partners”, Said the CEO of Bloober Team, noting that his study is only in charge of the development of Silent Hill 2 Remake, since the promotion and when it will reach the public is out of his hands.

The Silent Hill 2 Remake is one of the most requested projects by fans for many years and the quality of remakes like Resident Evil 2 have set the bar very high for what is expected. For this reason, it is not a surprise to learn that the Bloober Team is feeling a lot of pressure with Silent Hill 2, as they have been asking Konami for this project for years and are working on one of the most acclaimed titles in the survival horror genre.

Although the Silent Hill 2 Remake plans to bring this classic to a new generation of players, Bloober Team has said that fans of yesteryear do not have to worry, because although they will change the graphics and gameplay, they will not change the story. original Silent Hill 2. As explained in January, the biggest adjustments will be applied to areas that “need modernization due to the passage of time.”

In October last year, Konami announced the Silent Hill 2 Remake along with other franchise projects developed by independent studios, so the Bloober Team title will start the revival of Silent Hill in the current generation. Although some Konami employees wanted a remake of the first Silent Hill, series producer Motoi Okamoto concluded that Silent Hill 2 was a better representative, making it the first of many titles to be released by Konami in the coming years. .

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