Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to defeat the Giant and receive unexpected help – Resident Evil 4: Remake

If you are not a soulless with a certain NPC, this fight against a boss becomes easier.

In Resident Evil 4 Remake it is not possible to skip all combats; if you hurry me, it is commendable to beat the game without fighting more than in the essential sections. Be that as it may, cattle or other beings controlled by the Plagues they will make us sweat a lot, but it will be light compared to some of the bosses of the game.

The first of these bosses is the giant, a being that, as its own name indicates, is of enormous size and can power Leon in a serious bind. Although defeating him is not far from how it was done in the original gameIn this guide I give you a couple of tips so that you are not caught by surprise by any of the new mechanics introduced by Capcom.

Before we start with how to defeat the Giant, it is important that you free certain character at the beginning of Chapter 3. If instead of going out through the main door of the Mayor’s Mansion you do From behind (where you entered in the previous chapter) you will hear the moans of a wolf.

The canine is trapped in a trap and is having a hard time. Whether you like these predators or not, you should release it. Don’t worry, it won’t attack you; he will return to the thicket, but later you will see that this act of compassion has its reward.

Fight the Giant in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Although we previously had to account of the Lake Monster This is the first boss as such of the gamewhich means that it will force us to spend a considerable amount of ammunition, so prior to the confrontation with him, it would be prudent explore the lake area to find all the bullets we can for our weapons; I advise at least ten cartridges shotgun and some 40 or 50 bullets. When we consider that we are ready (in addition to save game in a Typewriter near the Peddler), we must go to the quarry.

As soon as one of the leaders of the cult of the Plagues entered it will close the doors and will let the giant in. Likewise, the confrontation against him is not that it is very complicated. His movements are slow and easy to predict, although we must be careful when he charges at us as he will do so at high speed.

The best thing to do in this first phase is to use our most powerful weapons to attack him indiscriminately. The shotgun or the pistol Throw Darts with some sticky leads coupled (if you have got the diagram for these) will be your best asset, in addition to the grenades that you carry if you manage to throw them near him.

You should also be careful with any of the ranged attacks of the Giant. At some point in the fight, he may walk up to one of the sheds in the quarry, rip it off its foundation, and try to put it on you for a hat. It can be avoided but if you fail it will hurt you a lot. Also, watch out that he doesn’t catch you. If it happens, have the knife ready and repaired so that it does not wear excessively to quickly free you from its prey.

An ally who wants to return the favor

It’s not long in the fight until we get reinforcements. The wolf we help at the beginning of Chapter 3 he arrives to assist us in our fight against the mammoth boss. Initially he will get his attention so we can attack him. A couple more shots and we’ll see how his hump a parasite appears of plague.

At this point we have to change strategy and move our most precise weapon (a pistol or a rifle) and try to hit as much of the giant’s disgusting bulge as we can. If we manage to hit him enough times, he will fall to the ground visibly stunned. As with cattle when they are staggering, if we approach and we press F we will get on it and we can attack him with the knife (I recommend that you have at least reinforced on a level or two by now).

When he gets up again, our furry friend will make him throw himself against a wall and some rubble will immobilize him for a few seconds. Since we can’t get on it with them on top of our target, just shoot the parasite. Repeating this mechanic of shooting the parasite, stunning it, getting on it and passing it to the knife (or shooting it directly if it has broken) will not take long to fall. Do not forget catch the treasure that drops that is usually random (a gem great value usually)

With the way clear, we can now go back to church to save Ashley, but don’t be in such a hurry and try to explore the whole area well. could be yours last chance of get some treasures and sell them higheither to fulfill the requests of the Peddler to get more spinels and get special items.

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