Resident Evil 4 Remake: Ending Explained

What happens during the final scenes of Resident Evil 4 Remake? What do they mean for the future of the series and possible future remakes to come?

Resident Evil 4 Remake has, like any game, a beginning and an end. It would be weird not having them, right? The point is that the final sequences They may be confused for some players, especially those who they won’t play the originals or they have entered the saga with the remakes. For these cases we have decided explain the end, so that you understand its implications for the future. Obviously, we entered spoiler territory.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: ending explained

Throughout a good stretch of the game, we have known that Luis collaborated with ada to try to get a taste of the Plagueswhich they refer to as “the amber”. Near the end, we find out that this sample is actually a specimen of Dominant Plague, the one that Saddler himself carries and Allows control of other pests. right at the end of the game ada gets the sample for his mystery client.

During the game’s epilogue, we see how Ada talks to her bosswhich is none other than Albert Wesker. It should be noted, by the way, that Albert Wesker is not the AW of a certain document. Those who started playing from the remakes they don’t know, but Wesker is the mind behind many of the events of the saga. The product of one of Umbrella’s many experiments, Wesker is a genetically superior individual who, moreover, carries a special virus which grants him superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. By the time the events of Resident Evil 4 Remake begin, Wesker already works for Tricelland is looking for the Plagues to deliver to the company that will act accordingly. antagonist in Resident Evil 5.

In this same scene we can see how Ada betrays Wesker after he explains his plans for global genocide. Just like in the original timeline. Ada giving Wesker a fake Dominant Plaguelong delaying the villain’s research on how to control them. Ada deliver the Dominant Scourgein principle and following the original canon, to the organization to which Wesker belonged (of which Wesker’s HCF was a part in Resident Evil Code: Voernica), Umbrella’s main rival during the first installments and who does not receive a name expressly.

All this implies that it is possible that let’s not see remakes of Resident Evil 5 neither resident Evil 6since finally the canon has not been altered in this regard.

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