Resident Evil 4 on Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PlayStation 5 and PC

Today, Friday, March 24, the long-awaited Resident Evil 4 Remake from Capcom was released, the third remake that the company has made in recent years and that modernizes a classic of the series considered the best by most of its fans. From today it is possible to play Resident Evil 4 Remake on Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam.

At this time it is already possible to buy Resident Evil 4 Remake on next-generation consoles, PS4 and PC, with a recommended price of $59.99 USD on PlayStation, $1,207 on the Microsoft Store and $1,190 MXN on the Steam store. Relive this classic originally directed by Shinji Mikami that presents us with an adventure by Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley Graham.

In our review of Resident Evil 4 Remake we said that it is so well done that it will make you never want to play the original again, because although until recently we thought that it had aged well, the truth is that the remake is so good that there is no reason to go back and play a lower version.

We are facing one of the best reinventions that Capcom has brought us and it will undoubtedly be one of the strong candidates for the Game of the Year award by the end of 2023, as its reviews have been extremely positive and we hope that this will be reflected in good sales. . The first quarter of the year is very busy but Resident Evil 4 Remake was the most anticipated title, so it’s nice to see that it did not disappoint.

So far this year we have received three excellent remakes with Dead Space, Metroid Prime and now Resident Evil 4, but without a doubt Capcom’s is the best and not only speaking of those that arrived in 2023, but in general, so you must do everything possible to play this new experience that revives a classic and gives it life for several more generations.

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