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Nintendo Switch is updated to version 16.0.1

Brings bug fixes and system stability improvements to the hybrid console.

Nintendo released a new update for its console nintendoswitchtaking the hybrid to its firmware version number 16.0.1.

Applying to all the models From the base, through the Lite and OLED models, the console reaches version 16.0.1 that improve user experience.

On the part of Nintendo, it is only officially mentioned that the update comes to bring bug fixes and offer more stability to the system.

For its part, the dataminer OatmealDome adds that the update had other minor changes to the list of prohibited words, as well as adjustments to the system module, although in this case nothing that is visible to the player.

From the Great N they mention that the update is done in most cases automatically; however, if this is not the case, the new version can be downloaded at the options menu in the system section.

Last month the Nintendo Switch was updated to version 16.0.0 with minor fixes, being from version 14.0.0 that no big new features coming to the console, adding at that time the creation of folders and improvements for Bluetooth devices.

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