Mobility must adapt to the sustainable challenges of today and tomorrow

One of the Continental’s pillars is sustainabilitysince we consider that the mobility must adapt to the sustainable challenges of today and tomorrow. Within the framework of World Climate Day, Continental wanted to remember its commitment to the environment, as well as demonstrate its involvement with the challenges facing the planet.

Pollution, among many other factors, continue to harm the environment, and it is important to understand the role we all have in making a difference. That is why, to make our goals a reality, it is necessary to put actions in motion that bring us closer to our goals.

Continental’s goal is to produce 100% of its tires with recyclable and sustainable materials by 2050, and thanks to ContiRe.Tex every day we are closer to achieving it. That is where the responsibility that we have at Continental comes in, not only to promote sustainable goals, but also to let society know that our commitment is firm and tangible, and above all possible thanks to our involvement.

The ContiRe.Tex technology has made Continental the first tire manufacturer to incorporate the use of recycled plastic bottles into the production of its tires. Thanks to ContiRe.Tex, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, in line with the company’s objective of achieving safe, connected and autonomous mobility.

The tires with ContiRe.Tex technology come from polyester yarn, obtained from plastic bottles of polyethylene terephthalate (pets) used without any intermediate chemical steps and cannot be recycled in any other way. In this process, between 9 and 15 recycled PET bottles are used for each tire. Thus, with approximately 40 bottles, it is possible to equip a car, van or 4X4 with a set of tires.

This state-of-the-art technology, the result of our constant innovation, is backed by a great deal of work by Continental engineers. Every detail has been studied and analyzed by our professionals, in order to guarantee maximum efficiency and sustainability. For this reason, thanks to this technology, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, in line with Continental’s objective of safe, connected and autonomous mobility.

This technology is present in tires PremiumContact 6, EcoContact 6 and in all season AllSeasonContact, completely replacing conventional polyester in the shell. Tires with ContiRe.Tex technology began to be marketed last year, and since then, our commitment to the sustainable production of tires has continued.

On Continental only we use high performance materials in our premium tires and, with these sustainable technologies, we strengthen our commitment to the environment, sustainability and the circular economy. Just as our mission is clear, we also want to inspire all of society to reinforce their commitment to the environment. It is always important to have goals, but the important thing is to draw concrete actions that bring us closer to our objectives.

At Continental we believe that if our purposes are accompanied by initiatives that have a positive impact on the whole of society, it is essential that on days like today we all come together to be even more effective. For this reason, ContiRe.Tex is our way of contributing to a better planet. Thus, at Continental we are aware of the challenges we face on a daily basis, and although these challenges are changing, our focus continues to be making sustainable and safe mobility, essential for tomorrow’s world.

This platform is part of the Corresponsables Dossier: World Climate Day

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