Marhoder announces his retirement as LoL coach

Marhoder announces his retirement as coach

sad day for the scene League of Legends Spanish, an absolute reference and icon of the Super League scene hangs up his headphones and the microphone. Pablo Menendez «marhoder» says goodbye to his role as BISONS coach and his career as a LoL coach. The veteran Spanish coach steps aside in terms of the role of teaching LoL and managing a squad to target a new role in your career. With a emotional video, BISONS has presented the farewell to Marhoder, who has been commenting that he will try his luck in the area of ​​team and company management in esports.

Big loss for the Super League coaching staff, Marhoder retires as coach, thus closing his cycle of a year and a half in BISONS. The leading Spanish coach bids farewell to his stage as a coach, but not before clarifying that he will not go away since esports are his home. At the end of the statement, Marhoder clarified what his plans will be for today. The until today coach says that he will help BISONS in this offseason to transit their exit in the least traumatic way. Just like he will once again mentor players and coach individually. Finally, he assures that he will seek rest with the aim of returning rebuilt in another paulready for whatever comes in his career.

BISONS and the community say goodbye to LoL coach Marhoder

Marhoder’s farewell is just the beginning of the BISONS video, as the team took the opportunity to say a dignified and emotional goodbye to who was the leader of their project in super league since its creation. The players of the team, along with other members of the organization and some casters of the LVP, and friends of Marhoder, they left their words for this farewell.

between the words of Machukihis BISONS staffmate, and players who have come under his wing as Myrwn, dark and Randomthe most accurate words, in our vision, to describe this farewell are those of FFernando Cardenete. The LVP commentator and faithful friend of Marhoder throughout his career perfectly relates what this loss means for the scene and what Marhoder is as a person and professional: «For me, Marhoder represents everything that is good in esports, a person who has work as his flag, who is a true multipurpose knife and who can be used for a tear as well as a ripped one. Someone who, without having too much luck, has achieved great results throughout his career and who always contributes positively.«.

From FullEsportsWe also join Marhoder’s farewell as a coach and appreciate everything he has given to esports over the years. Of course, also thank the gestures of predisposition that he always had before each one of our interviews, in which he always gave us a smile and his wise words. Finally, just like every person in the BISONS release does, We wish Pablo the best of luck. facing this new stage in his career. Thank you pablo.

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