LoL: With a dream and a lot of faith, Peek Gaming takes revenge against 19 Esports in the Division of Honor

The battle begins for the last pass to the grand finale of the Honor Division where we have two teams that will give everything in this series, a match between 19 Sports against Peek Gaming It seems to be a great series between the two teams due to the past matches that we have seen between them throughout the tournament, but this series is of the utmost importance to define which of the two advances.

A first map that starts with great intensity because the pressure from the squad of 19 is present from the first minutes with a fairly good pressure from VirusFx that he has in his possession a Xayah with which he manages to have a good impact in the game and having good coverage from his teammates to be able to close the match on his side with the first point.

On the second map things got heated with Peek’s team responding aggressively in the match, being proactive and having a team on their side. icytower With Aurelion Sol in their possession, things became very favorable for them, creating good opportunities where they managed to make their rivals fall several times to tie the series.

Arriving at the third duel we see a rethinking of the game again with a change of style within the game where we have the team of 19 have a pretty good combo in the lower part with a EpicReaper having a Braum that accompanies the Zeri of VirusFx who manage to create a good synergy with which they get the advantage of the game and cause an impact that gives them victory.

Having an advantage that puts them in a matchpoint, the squad of 19 seeks to press on this map to close the series, the game becomes quite even, leaving the minimum spaces to find the point but it would be the Kassadin of icytower the one who puts a lot of pressure on during the game by using his ultimate to be able to ambush rivals effectively, managing to tie the game.

A fifth map that is all or nothing for either of the two squads with the pass to the final at stake, the face that Peek comes out to show is totally different with a pressure in the middle part of a Tristana de icytower with which he manages to have enormous damage in team fights and accompanied by his allies they generate a large amount of gold advantage together with a difference in casualties with which they end the match.

The series that defines the second finalist of the tournament where Peek Gaming manages to stand out and dominates the team that remained in second place in the table throughout the tournament and that takes revenge against their rivals who sent them to the lower bracket, now they will have to fight against the team that has not known defeat, a match who seeks to be the best in the entire tournament and who will give the crown to a new champion.

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