If you don’t want to run out of pesetas to buy weapons and improvements from the peddler, we’ll explain how to get more money for your treasures in Resident Evil 4 Remake – Resident Evil 4: Remake

The long-awaited pesetas return in this game and they are as elusive as they are essential if we want Leon and Ashley to succeed in their adventure through Spanish lands, but there are ways to amass them

When the original Resident Evil 4 came out, it caught the attention of many that they used pesetas as currency in-game to buy items from the peddler. An inaccuracy, since the pesetas ceased to be legal tender shortly after the Euro was introduced into the European Economic Community (now the European Union), and especially if we take into account that the game takes place in autumn 2004.

Historical details aside, the last Spanish coin minted is the one we are going to need to make transactions and get various items -such as healing sprays, weapons, their upgrades, etc.- in the game. Although it is not difficult to get some, the quantities that we will need are not few, and that is why we present this guide with tips for increase your capital in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

How to accumulate money in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The pesetas are a type of drop or booty that we can meet in various ways in the game. If we eliminate cattle or another type of enemy, it is possible that we will get as a “reward” a few of them (between 300 and 800 generally). They never hurt, but considering that we have to spend ammunition to get these amounts, they don’t come out very well.

Alternatively, we could get more pesetas and in larger amounts by searching the cabinets, drawers, lockers, barrels or boxes marked with yellow paint that we can destroy to get what’s inside. However, the prices that the Peddler offers us for new weapons, resources or improvements for the arsenal are not enough if we limit ourselves to taking the pennies of the game.

However, in Resident Evil 4 Remake -like the original- there are a series of treasures of great value: from jewels of different sizes and shapes with prices ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 pesetas, to ornamental beads, museum pieces that triple on many occasions the value of the most valuable gem in our possession. Then, the best strategy to earn “some bitches” is to look for those treasures.

In such an eventuality, one of the first investments to do with the spinels that we have is to change them to the peddler for the treasure map of the area we are in. In this way, we will know where all the valuables are that our “Phoenician” ally would like us to sell him.

The problem is that some of those chests or drawers with treasures will be closed and we will need old keys to get hold of them (which we can find randomly in various locations), or some types of special keys which are obtained in different parts of the game. Having these keys will allow us to get hold of those treasures, and are usually the most valuableAlthough there are more ways to increase the value of what we already have.

It is also convenient that you pay attention to some oil lamps that you can see hanging on some structures by the different mappings of the game. If we shoot them, when they fall to the ground they will break and always contain some kind of treasure; It can be a trinket (such as a necklace, or a bracelet) or a gem of variable color and rarity. Which by the way, are an important element to increase our sales.

Get additional gems and increase the value of what we sell

Although among those locked chests there may be interesting treasures, on many occasions they will come “bareback”. That is, we will see that they have spaces in which to socket some gems to increase their value and thus get more money by combining those pieces than if we sold them separately. Gems are also a rare item, but there is more than indicated on the map.

The stronger enemies from the area we are in (for example, Dr. Salvador, who wields the chainsaw in the first part of the game, or the cattle adorned with animal heads) guarantee a random gem or even a spinel as a drop if we eliminate them. It will certainly involve the use of a lot of ammunition, and the gem may not be the most valuable, but it pays off if we consider that with the money we get for these items, we get amounts that allow us buy more powerful weapons or improve the damage of the ones we already have. The advantage is that we don’t have to kill them as soon as we meet them; we can move forward a bit and come back later when we have more ammunition.

As for the combination of gems in ornamental pieces or other trinkets, it is not about setting them up like crazy. The value of items with socketed gems will be higher or lower depending on the amount of socketed gems, and the color scheme (the most basic piece allows two gems to be embedded). If you want to know the value of these combinations, the game offers us a useful table:

It is recommended that you try to combine them so that the object sells for its highest possible value, but do not go to the other extreme and accumulate treasures without selling them waiting to get the gem you are missing; especially if you don’t have much life -for example- and you need money to buy some survival spray or upgrade a weapon for an important fight.

Pawn weapons and sell what you don’t need

Likewise, it is possible sell keys or objects that you have needed to advance but that are of no use to you from now on (such as the keys to those special treasures when you go to another area) or normal keys that are needed to access certain areas of the game. Although they are not of much value, they help to swell our capital. Similarly, if you are not satisfied with a weapon that you have obtained, or you need some extra money, you can sell it. The sale value of the gun take into account the improvements that you have done to it, so improving one that later does not convince you will not be wasting money (at least not much).

You are always on time buy it back to the Peddler, and for a price that will be less than the money you got from selling it if you upgraded it, though he will return them to you without upgrades. It is a tactic to be used to manage inventory or redistribute upgrades into other weapons. You can also sell loose resources (gunpowder, bags, medicine bullets…), but this should be your last resortsince if you need them later you will not be able to repurchase them (also, you will have lost money) and it is always easier to make room in your inventory than to get rid of them.

As final tips, before moving to the end of any chapter, review the locations through which you have passed to collect treasures that you left behind. By the time you move to the next area of ​​the game you can not go back to the previous, and treasure that you have not collected, treasure that will have been lost. The other piece of advice that I give you is to get hold of one of the amulets with which the shooting gallery rewards you: among them there is one that lower the price of improvements from the peddler, and it’s a roundabout way of saving money and having more at your disposal.

With these tips for always have some chip in the pockets, you may want to consult *what weapons can and are recommended to be bought or improved*, or how to *complete some requests from the peddler* with which to get spinels to exchange for weapon accessories or the aforementioned treasure map. If what you want is general information on the game, Alejandro Pascual has covered it in his analysis and has the most relevant information on the latest Capcom game.

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