Giants Innovation Hub is born, which plans to invest 50 million in 40 companies

staging of Giants Innovation Huba space that aims to promote innovative technological projects related to the gaming and the esports with the purpose of “building the internet of the future”.

This initiative with an international vocation has been announced at the headquarters of the Giants esports club before more than 60 investors, businessmen and executives. Among its programs is a venture capital fund that plans to reach 50 million euros to allocate up to 40 value proposals.

Giants Innovation Hub arises from the union of Virginia Calvo and José Ramón DíazGiants owners; Thomas Gasset, founder and CEO of Urbania International; and Alvaro Villacorta, entrepreneur and investor linked to funds with great strength in Southern Europe such as Think Bigger. It will be Álvaro Villacorta who directs the project as director.

Three plans make up Giants Innovation Hub: ‘Giants Esports Lab’, ‘Giants Media 4 Equity’ and ‘Giants Venture Capital’. All will accommodate entrepreneurs and startups interested in the development of blockchain, web3, metaverse and AI technology, in the creation of products that connect with video games and their professional competitions.

To apply to any of them, you have to fill out a form that can be found on the official website. Giants Innovation Hub seeks attract talent from any country in Europe. Although headquarters have been opened at the facilities of the Giants esports club and therefore offers the possibility of working in Malaga, it will set up offices in different capitals such as Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon thanks to an agreement with Monday, and also proposes to operate remotely to who so desires.

Giants Esports Lab

This program will welcome people with an interest in software, hardware, AI, data, analytics and fan experience who are looking for gaming opportunities, especially esports. The purpose of the Giants Esports Lab is to reach collaboration agreements in which these entrepreneurs are provided with the know-how and expertise of a club, in this case Giants, in order to test their proposals in potentially real scenarios.

Giants Media 4 Equity

This program offers startups from different sectors, with the objective of growing, different assets and supports of Giants digital media in exchange for shares. The club has an audience that reaches 900 million impacts per year and in exchange for capital it allows those startups to get part of that reach and visibility. It is a proven business model with numerous success stories. It is estimated that the average contribution that can be offered to these startups is around 250,000 euros.

Giants Venture Capital

This venture capital fund will invest in startups that will shape the internet of the future, with a special focus on innovative and transformative projects of web3, metaverse and blockchain. The Giants Venture Capital program plans to reach 50 million euros to allocate up to 40 value proposals, with an item that can go from 100,000 euros to 3 million in each one.

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