Discover the peculiarities of sports betting in eSports

The electronic sports or eSports have experienced a boom spectacular in recent years, and already attract countless players and viewers from around the world. Precisely because of that relevance that they have acquired, each time they move a higher volume of forecasts in betting houses, especially among certain user profiles, which by age are more inclined to this format that mixes sports competition and the universe of video games.

In this article, we will delve into the specificities of the betting on eSportsthe possibilities they offer users, and finally, we will address the exponential growth that this market is having.

betting on eSports

Electronic sports transcend the framework of sports competitions themselves, and cover a wide variety of video games, with genres that are already very popular, such as MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena video games) that include such classic titles from the gaming universe as the League of Legends or Dota 2. He FPS or first-person shooter (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Doom, etc.). those of battle royale or ‘royal battle’ they have in the Fortnite to its most well-known representative. And, finally, we would have strategy video games, like the ones in the series StarCraft.

A peculiarity of eSports that favors betting is the continuous generation of all kinds of statistics and data in real timewhich allows the deployment of New markets (which would be more complicated to implement in traditional sports), but also that users can make their predictions with a much broader base of information.

On the other hand, in electronic sports, the ups and downs in performance of competitors than in traditional professional sport, due to factors such as accumulated fatigue after many hours playing, or mental stress, something that inevitably makes more volatile the results…

Likewise, we must assess the boost that a community as broad as the gamer supposes for eSports, with users who are also very prone to share experiences in channels like discord or streaming platforms like twitch. This is simply transferable to the field of sports forecastsfavoring the proliferation of forums in which bettors can share strategies, information, tipsetc.

eSports betting markets

The great variety of games and competitions characteristic of eSports, allows a whole universe of possibilities in terms of markets and betting modalities, which can be oriented, for example, to specific objectives such as complete a mission, eliminate a rivaletc.

In addition, the digital dimension of electronic sports opens an interesting way to bet, aided by the new technologies that are currently emerging, from the analysis of the big data until the Artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, the facilities offered by the format for carrying out real time forecasts greatly enriches the user experience. At the same time, it also opens up new possibilities for operators to expand and make their market offer more attractive.

The unstoppable growth of eSports

The number of viewers who follow electronic sports broadcasts through all the variety of existing channels has experienced spectacular growth. For this reason, in just three years, from 2020 to 2023the global eSports market has gone from $1.1 billion until the 1,800 which is expected to reach this year, still waiting for the trend to become even more accentuated in the coming years.

This provides fertile ground for the increase in volume sports bets in eSportspresent for some time now in all the leading operators, who also gradually add both new markets and more electronic sports formats to their offer to bet on.

In addition, this pull of eSports favors a virtuous circlesince its peak attracts each time more sponsors, companies and even world-famous sports stars, which in turn drives even more the expansion of electronic sports, and therefore, of the bets attached to them.

You also have to assess the emergence of gamer culture among young people from all over the world, due to the fact that the expansion of electronic sports is contextualized in the universe of gaming, so present in platforms like Youtube or Twitchwhere hundreds of thousands of users can connect to a channel simply to watch a streamer play video games live.

Not to mention the case of discorda VolP voice chat and text messaging platform, made popular by gaming and eSports, and currently valued at over 15,000 million dollarsyes, having even been fruitlessly coveted by giants like Microsoft.

In short, eSports have flourished in the midst of an expanding ecosystem such as that of gamingshowing that users are not only interested in playing video games, but also in watching games that pit teams of expert players against each other.

If we add to this the incentive of being able to bet on novel market formats that favor real-time forecasts and other quite suggestive possibilities, it is perfectly understandable the parallel boom that is also having bet on esports.

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