Counter-Strike 2 will bring these two new knives

New Counter-Strike 2 Knives

While the counter strike 2 continues to cause a furor with his betathe data-miners They have found two new knives that will be coming to the game. It is not yet known when or how, but there are two new knives hanging around in the data of Counter-Strike 2. This information has come to light through the information miner @GabeFollower, who has taken two 3D images of these novelties. Simultaneously, GabeFollower has released more information about new things that can come to the world of Counter-Strike 2. It seems that VALVE is working hard, since there are new grenades and items for Danger Zone, as well as the possibility that the Zeus x27 receive skins.

Kukri and Twinblade will be the new knives coming to Counter-Strike 2 / Images via @GabeFollower

Under the name of Kukri and Twinbladetwo new knives are coming to Counter-Strike 2. These new melee weapons will join the 19 existing knife classes in the game, being the first to come out alongside Counter-Strike 2. For now, all we have are these two images from GabeFollower, where we see each of the knives in a digital format among the game files. He Kukri It is assimilated to a short-length machete with a fairly wide handle. This new knife has similarities with existing knives in Counter-Strike such as the Hunter or the Ripper. On the other hand, the Twinblade it is something more innovative, being a knife in which we have two blades joined vertically to a classic handle.

Besides knives, what else will Counter-Strike 2 bring?

Well, at the moment there is not so much information, much less information corroborated by VALVE. We know that the announcements are scarce, but luckily the theories and data are not. In addition to these two new knives, Counter-Strike 2 may bring skins for the Zeus x27. Weapon that now in the beta can be inspected like any other in the game. This is a detail that a certain part of the community has been demanding for a long time. Although in reality the weapon tasers It is not used very much, so it may not be a priority. After these announcements, GabeFollower found new objects regarding the gameplay danger zonehe battle royal of Counter-Strike. At the moment, in CS2 this game mode is not yet available, but it could be in the future and it would have new objects. These would be a incendiary grenadea trap of Bears and a mysterious melee weapon under the name ‘pipe‘, tube or pipe in English.

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