Counter Strike 2 Officially Announced As CS:GO Update This Summer

Valve has officially announced counter strike 2the first new game in the series in over ten years, which remains one of the most popular eSports.

The previous game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, released in 2012, is still one of the most played games on Steam, but Valve has worked on numerous improvements to earn the title.

Precisely, Counter-Strike 2 is going to come out as a free CS:GO update when it comes out this summer, allowing you to keep all of your gear from the original game, a move similar to that of Overwatch 2.


Counter-Strike 2: Creating the maps

What’s New in Counter Strike 2

Valve (which has made its announcement at the same time that Epic Games made a presentation) defines it as the most important technical advance in the history of this franchise, and they plan to continue incorporating updates and features for years.

The launch of a Counter-Strike 2 also seems necessary since it will use the engine Source 2, which Dota 2 was also updated to with Dota 2 Reborn. CS:GO was still using the original Source engine from 2004, albeit with modifications.


Counter-Strike 2: Responsive Smokes

Valve has also released a series of videos showing the technical improvements in this game, such as smoke grenades, which are now dynamic volumetric objects that react with the environment, light, fire or explosions.

They also talk about more “invisible” elements, but that will contribute to making the game better, such as the tick ratethe interval of times the server reacts to each move or shot, indispensable for the satisfying gunplay that Counter-Strike is known for by millions of players.

Interested players will be able to try a limited trialfor selected CS:GO players only, in which they will evaluate a set of CS2 features to resolve potential issues before the global release of counter strike 2 in summer 2023 on Steam, taking the place of CS:GO.

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