Chapter 16 at 100% in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 15 has concluded with good news at last, or something like that. One of the problems has already been eliminated from the equation… but there is another bald one (more or less) and with a rather cool cane, as if out of a mixture of Everything for 100 and Lovecraft’s nightmare. If you don’t know what to get me for Christmas, one of those never hurts. Take a look around the lab, there’s resources and documents that give context to what happened. By the way, AW is not who you surely think.

Go back and help Ashley to climb by the container, so that the ladder will go down for you. When you cross the walkway look up for a lantern. Shoot to collect the last Indigo Tear.

Follow the only path possible until you return to the Sanctuary. Eliminate the novistadors and, using the map, locate the turnoff to the West Side from the room to collect the Pendant of the Illuminati. Now go to the path north of the junction to continue. Be careful with the camouflaged novices What will there be when you walk through the door?

Shortly after you will arrive at last treasure of the game, a Gold Bar, as well as the last Peddler. Take the opportunity to buy what you think you may need.

Go ahead to watch a sequence, after which of course the game begins. fight against the evil How long have you been waiting? Ok, this match is relatively obvious. The first thing you should do is shoot the eyes of the paws of the bug

When you have destroyed enough eyes, the bug will fall to the ground and you can stick the knife approaching.

the enemy is pretty simple and obvious while on the ground, we don’t think any attack needs to be reviewed: it tries to hit you with its paws, which you have to move to dodge or get out of range, and it has one of those attacks that you can use Evade to avoid. You can also jump to cover distanceIf it falls on you, it will hurt you. Upon taking enough damage, it will go to a distant tower and will bring a swarm of novistadors. You should try to take out as many as you can from afar before Saddler comes back, because the combination of distraction and Saddler can be dangerous.

When you’re away (and there will be a time when he will obligatorily walk away), start to shoot a jet of black water like the one used by Salazar, and this can put you in trouble since it is difficult to find coverage. You have to pay attention if it is vertical (you must run to the sides) and horizontal (crouch) to avoid it. When you deal enough damage, you will see a sequence and part of the soil will be loadedbut you can kill him before that. You will see a sequence when you get it.

In the last phase, you must shoot at obvious weak spot while dodging the attacks. It’s easy: if you see Evade, press the button. If you don’t see it, run to the side. When you do enough damage they will give you a special weapon. Point and shoot. At the end of the sequence, proceed through the only possible path and make sure to destroy the last mechanical castilian.

Now you only have to move forward and overcome the jet ski getaway to complete the game.

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