Cereza and the Lost Demon, a surprise for 2023

But the element that contributes the most in this combination is its level design, since it is not a concatenation of scenarios, but as the user advances, they find certain elements that make them gain powers and discover new paths in areas previously explored, in the purest style of a metroidvania.

For the most Bayonetta fans, this game is quite pleasant, in addition to allowing them to learn more about their favorite character, since it tells a different and enriching story for her, it also provides new information about the world of the Umbra witch, from characters secondary, enemies or even memories of little Cherry.

On the other hand, it is not a game that requires too much dedication. In total, it lasts approximately 16 hours in which the user will find a story integration with explanations of things that had already been mentioned in the main games, such as the importance of hair for witches, and that are very relevant winks for lovers of the franchise.

Although it is not a game in the main line and, therefore, it can go unnoticed, it is a game that should be taken into account among the entire Nintendo Switch catalog, since it is available just a few months after the last installment. and expand a universe from fresh mechanics.

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