Bloober Team CEO believes VR is the future of horror

In the last decade, several well-known horror video games have emerged and one of the developer studios that has acquired the most renown is Bloomer Team, because after developing original proposals with Layers of Fear and The Medium they associated with Konami for the development of Silent Hill 2 Remake. This is just the beginning for Bloober Team, as its CEO plans to make the studio a leader in the horror genre.

In a recent interview for the Polish portal Bankier, Piotr Babieno, the CEO of Bloober Team, said his goal is for the studio to be a leader in the horror video game genre by 2027, so he is considering plans for the future. Among the possibilities that the CEO of Bloober Team sees is what virtual reality offers, since he believes that the future of horror video games lies there.

During the interview, Babieno said that Bloober Team is looking to start horror projects beyond video games, as they are considering making movies, television and books, although not necessarily made by themselves. Furthermore, the CEO said that “virtual reality is the long-term future of horror”, so they would like to make VR games later.

Virtual reality is the long-term future of horror. Horror is a genre that is based on immersion, just like virtual reality. Looking at virtual reality equipment that is becoming more accessible, more powerful and cheaper, we can say that we are almost on the eve of an immersive revolution”

Despite the potential that Piotr Babieno sees in Virtual Reality, the CEO ruled out porting his games to these platforms, as he considers that this does not work. “We did two VR ports and we are happy with them… but we don’t want another portbut an innovative product, aware of its environment, speaking the language of virtual reality”, was what Babieno said about virtual reality.

Although there are currently no announced Bloober Team projects that are made for Virtual Reality, the studio’s CEO says he is convinced that they will achieve success in that field before 2027. Given his comments, we can assume that he is not thinking about releasing ports of their games on VR devices but make titles that run in virtual reality natively, so we just have to wait and see what they announce in the following years.

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