Blissey’s Tera-raid Event: Dates, How to Unlock Them, and Better Pokémon

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple celebrate this weekend a new Teraincursiones event, between Friday March 24 and Sunday March 26.

The protagonist this time will be Blisseya Pokémon that we can already find in the wild in Paldea, in areas with flowers to the northeast (or evolving into Chansey with friendship), but it is rare, so this will be a good opportunity to capture it in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

On this occasion, it is an event of Four and Five Star Raidsso GameFreak gives us some rest, after the increasingly tough Teraids of seven stars (but if you didn’t capture Decidueye last weekend, you’ll still be able to do so this weekend).

4 and 5 Star Raid Dates Blissey

This Teraincursion event will take place only on this weekend:

  • From Friday 24 of March at 01:00, to Monday 27 of March at 00:59

That is, it has already started during the early hours of Thursday to Friday, and it will end during the early hours of Sunday to Monday.

During these days, Blissey will appear more frequently in four-star or five-star teraids, in specimens of different teratypes, and will grant rewards such as various Teralitos and Candies Experience.

Some of the Blissey will be more generous than usual! Remember that if you gather 50 teralites of the same type at Mesón El Tesoro in Pueblo Mestura, you can change the teratype of your Pokémon for another of your choice.

How to participate in the 5-star Teraids

To unlock the 5 Star Teraincursionsyou will not even have to have passed the game, it is enough to pass the three routes (Victory Lane, Legendary Path, and Stardust Way) to start dating.

It is the 6-star Teraincursions that require having passed the main game and the postgame (Great Academic Fight Tournament), and having completed at least 10 4 or 5-star Teraincursions. Those of 7 stars, the same but only in events.

Of course, to participate in these Teraincursions of events, even 4 or 5 stars, of be connected to the Internet and have downloaded the latest news from the Poképortal (Go to the Poképortal from the main menu, press L to connect, and select Mystery Gift and Receive Poképortal News.)

When you do, you’ll be able to find these Tera-Raid Events by seeing crystals that emit a glowing beam of light.

Best Pokemon to Beat Blissey

Blissey is a normal type Pokémon, so it is not resistant to any specific type, and instead It is weak against Fighting-type Pokémon.. However, their teratypes in this event are random, so there is no specific build to beat.

Blissey is a tank, one of the Pokémon with the most HP in the entire game. In return, it has very low defense stats, but that doesn’t mean that weakening it costs you.

You should keep in mind that many of its moves are Normal or Fairy-type, so you should avoid Dark, Dragon, or Ghost-type Pokémon. A good option is koraidonfor its high special defense, but make sure you have it at max level and maxed out IVs and EVs with extreme training.

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