Bandits Gaming will seek the first team championship for the DR

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The Dominican Republic will seek today its first Tier 2 championship in esports team discipline, the Quisqueyana squad of Bandits Gaming will play the final of the Apertura 2023 tournament of the Elements League Tigo against the Costa Ricans of Saprisa Esports.

The Elements League Apertura 2023 tournament has been by far their best since they began their journey in 2022. This year they accepted the challenge and after major changes to the bottom and top lane, they managed to finish second in the overall table and have more win rate this season than in their previous 2 meetings.

The key to Bandits Gaming’s success has been working as a team, relying on the bot lane, which for many is the best this season, added to the work at the end of the season by their top laner Bazu, who has been of great value in recent years. games.

Bandits Gaming has proven to be a strong and competitive team, and their goal is to take their game to the next level and be able to beat reigning two-time champion Saprissa. The Dominican Republic has the opportunity to add one more award in esports. This Friday sharp at 8pm you can be part of history through the Twitch channels of the LVP Central America and the Caribbean.

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